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Blog updates may not happen for a while, depending on how I feel and if I have time. My Grammy passed away and my family is flying Ginny and I out to BC for her service and then we’ll stay to visit for a month or so. I am still in shock over what has happened, including being able to be there because Bryan and I couldn’t afford it. I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with my grandmother, and for a family who is so unbelievably caring.

(This photo is of myself and both of my grandmothers)



Last night went MUCH better. Ginny still woke in the night (around 12) and her cough is persisting, but when I put her back to bed she stayed asleep for the most part. There were small fussies every now and then, but she would soothe herself back to sleep pretty easily. In fact I had to wake her at 9 this morning because I didn’t want her to sleep in too long.

I think what made a difference last night was the fact that when I got her up in the night, I kept all the lights off in the apartment. The only illumination we had was from the TV which I had on silent. I’m not someone who can just sit in darkness doing nothing (not that caring for my child is nothing), so I need to the TV to keep me awake and keep me company. I gave Ginny her bottle and I was actually prepared to sleep on the recliner with her, but because it was dark she kept her little eyes buttoned shut and in no time she was dozing. She stirred when I put her back to bed, but then that was it.

It’s nice when things go the way you plan! Having a child often throws your plans out the window, but obviously it’s all worth it. I mean, she’s just the cutest thing ever and I get to love her forever!


In other news! At around 10:30 this morning I was sitting on the couch crying my eyes out while watching a movie, when suddenly I heard a key in the lock and the apartment door opened. There stood my FANTASTIC husband, with A&W goodies! Seriously! I am madly in love with that man enough as it is, and then he brings me Random Super Surprise Onion Rings?! That guy has good things coming to him. And for once, the onion rings were seasoned to perfection and I was in heaven as I crammed them in my face hole. I love Bryan. Can’t stress that enough. I even let him tramp snow and slush through the kitchen so he didn’t have to waste his break spending 34 years on his work boot shoelaces.

Tomorrow is date night! I’m beyond excited, obviously, as I keep mentioning it. I’m 90% sure now that we’re seeing Frozen and I can’t wait. It’s so nice to be married to a fella who doesn’t mind a good Disney movie. And that is so important to me because I am a Disney NERD. Seriously. Play a Disney trivia game with me and I will school you. Anyways, that’s enough writing for now. Gotta get my sweet baby down for a nice LOOOONG (hopefully!) nap. The kid needs rest! And so does the Mama.


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Bedtime is difficult time. Most of the time, Ginny is amazing at going to bed. We give her a bottle, plop her in the crib, she chats to her bear, and then she goes to sleep and sleeps for 11 or 12 hours. At naptime, we give her a bottle, plop her in her crib, and she’s typically good for 2-3 hours. She’s an amazing kid that way and I’m beyond thankful.

However. Lately it has been a struggle. Nap time is sucking the life out of me. Recently, more often than not, she has been just refusing to nap. Not throwing temper tantrums, but she just lays in her room babbling for several hours. I will take her out and feed her again and rock her and put her back to bed, but to no avail. I’m exhausted from this process. I have tried everything I can think of. Humidifier on. Humidifier off. Bigger breakfast. Bigger lunch. Bigger bottle. It’s tough. Her naptime is when I do housework, or catch up on my shows, or take a nap myself and I NEED that time to unwind.

Not helping matters is the fact that she keeps waking up in the night, and I’m a poor sleeper to start with. I can’t remember the last time I was asleep before 2am.

Enough fussing about this sleep business though. Ginny went for her 18 month shots yesterday and did splendidly! She also got a flu shot, so I’m hoping to avoid any flu nastiness. Sick babies are not fun! Now she doesn’t need more shots until age 4 which blows my mind. I can’t believe she’ll be 4 eventually. That is so bizarre.

In other news, Date Night is this Friday! We’re dropping the kid off at her grandparents’ for a sleepover, and then we’re heading to Earl’s and then a movie (hopefully Frozen!!). I’m really excited. We’re BOTH really excited.

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I freaking LOVE buffalo wings.

That is all.

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It was our first Workout Wednesday of the year and I feel really good. Bryan and I use the Wii Fit to manage all our fitness goals and everything, and I can’t be more happy with it. I created a new routine today that lasts about 18 minutes which I found was very manageable. It included some yoga, strength, aerobic, and balance exercises. I’m not a person who sweats much at all, but I sure felt the ‘glow’ after my workout tonight and it was good! I’m tired but not exhausted. I’m excited to repeat this routine next week. I’m hoping that by March I will be doing this more than just once a week. I want to take it easy. After years of being lazy I feel it would be silly to just jump right in too quickly. 

Ginny really enjoyed watching us do our thing tonight. We strapped her in her chair (seriously, it’s hard to do the luge when there’s a baby sitting on your abs [or lack thereof]), gave her some cookies and she clapped and cheered for us. Afterward, we hadn’t yet put the balance board away and she climbed on and pretended to exercise too.  

By the by, I was thinking about my posts on how unhealthy I eat and I felt I wanted to make it clear that my baby DOES NOT eat that way too. She gets junk occasionally but on the whole she eats very healthy. If I’m making a particularly unhealthy meal one night (maybe something deep fried) she will get a plate of veggies or some organic baby food. For the most part it’s just me who isn’t eating right. Bryan takes a salad and a bag of raw veggies to work every single day in his lunch (along with leftovers or a pizza pop or something). Just thought I’d clear that up because it was nagging at my mind today.

I’m really hoping that I will sleep well tonight. I don’t sleep too great, and today was especially rough. Ginny and I had fun, but when she napped, I crashed too for several hours. And as I predicted, it was not refreshing. But when you can’t keep your eyes open what are you going to do?

Here’s to tomorrow being a more energetic day! Perhaps I may even sneak in some more Wii Fit. I’m down several pounds already this year which is AWESOME. Makes me feel really good. I can’t wait to really see the results.

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Well…Minecraft is re-consuming my life, it would seem. I’ve been working on a massive castle build and it completely ate up my afternoon. It was a nice break though. I still have time to get my real work done, but wasting an afternoon is really nice sometimes. And I’m so excited now for Bryan to get home so I can show him what I built. 

Minecraft is fun, but it also has a special spot in my heart for sentimental reasons. While I was pregnant, I would spend up to 9 hours watching Bryan play the game on Saturday nights. We’d visit and joke and snack, and it was just a really nice way to spend time together. And when it came to the xbox, I’d lay on the couch and watch him play until I fell asleep. I remember frantically requesting him to pause the game because FINALLY, for the very first time, I knew he’d be able to feel Ginny kicking. So he paused and together on the floor we felt my belly and it was amazing. 

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Well. I am just dreadful with all my food goals. I need to get better! I’ve enlisted Bryan to keep at me about when and what I’m eating. Tonight I desperately wanted a snack at around ten o’clock. What did I make?


I know.

I’m terrible.

I justified it by saying that if I ate it now, then there wouldn’t be any left and I would no longer be tempted by it. Ridiculous!! I’m fully aware of how crazy I am. I gotta get this eating under control. And I will. I must.

In other news, my daughter is 100% hilarious. We spent a good portion of today playing peek and seek (name I came up with). It consists of Ginny hiding behind a corner and slowly peeking out at me. Then she’d repeat. And then I’d run over and tickle her. Her giggles are so just the absolute best. After playing a few rounds I collapsed on the couch and she ran over to be picked up which I was glad to do. I lay down and held her over me and gave her oodles of kisses and she giggled even more. I must say, being a mom is everything it’s cracked up to be. There’s so much love I can hardly contain it.

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My hope is that I will be more motivated this year. Not in any specific area, but in general. Since having Ginny I’ve had to get off my butt and get things happening, and that has been great for me, but I want to get even better. To begin doing so, this month I’ve littered my calendar with sticky notes. I have a note on each day with the supper written on it. I have a note of a different colour to mark our date night. On each day I’m also beginning to write down what chore should specifically be done on that day for each week. Instead of planning ahead with the chores, I’m seeing what I can do each day and then writing it down (and checking it off) afterwards. I feel that this will work for me. I’m also keeping track of my time of the month on the calendar for the first time ever, because I’m an idiot and I never remember when my last one was. (Although for realsies I DO remember my most recent one because it lasted 20 freaking days…thanks, gallbladder)

I want to be organized in as many aspects of my life as possible. I have been seriously on top of the dishes for the first time in my life, doing several sinks a day, and it’s been good! Bryan only has to be in charge of supper dishes now and I try to wash as I cook to make it a lighter load because he can be a Forgetful Freddie about it. I clean the living room every single night, picking up the insane amount of toys our daughter has amassed in her short lifetime. It doesn’t make sense to be keeping them all in her bedroom yet as I don’t want her playing in there unsupervised all the time, and unless I’m actually down on the floor playing with her, I don’t care to hang out in there. It’s not a bad room, it’s just a depressing room because I had to take all the decor down to prepare for the bedbug sprayings in November.

Anyways. So far, Sunday nights are for the kitchen and dining room floors. I sweep nearly every day (or every other day, or sometimes twice a day), but I don’t wetjet nearly as often as I should, especially lately. But last night I did, so from now on the kitchen will get the love it needs floorically speaking. Today, I tackled all the kitchen surfaces (though it has just dawned on me that I forgot the table). I do typically wipe down the counters after I do the dishes each day, but today I got out the disinfectant spray and did a good hard clean.

A clean home feels so good. It feels so relaxing to wake up in the morning and not be faced with toys strewn everywhere, and a pile of dirty dishes taking over the kitchen. Considering I was once a hoarder, I think I’m doing just fine.

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Feeling nostalgic about my pregnancy and my sweet baby.

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I adore naps. They are a fabulous way to break up the day. I love it when I nap, and of course I love it when my daughter naps. Today though, I chose not to take a nap.

I’m exhausted. 2013 was an exhausting year. I’ve been sick (as have Bryan and Ginny). We’re not sleeping well lately. A nap would have been oh so delicious. Even right now my eyes feel very heavy. But I do not regret missing that nap.

Instead of my nap, I chose to curl up in bed with a cup of tea, a bowl of beefaroni and Call the Midwife (which I LOVE). And that was the absolute perfect way to spend my afternoon while Ginny was asleep. I got in three episodes and a good cry, remembering the birth of my own baby. Watching this show is making me want another tiny baby to snuggle. But that can wait a few years, please. Anyways, it was a quiet afternoon all to myself. I ignored the dishes, and the mess of toys in the living room. I just relaxed. And sometimes that can be even better than a good nap.

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