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Twenty One

What I’m Reading:

The following are blogs that I am currently crazy about and want to recommend!
About the life and times of a young couple (and now a new baby!) as they completely renovate and update a house they recently purchased that was built in the 70s. It’s a gorgeous house structurally, but the work they’ve been doing on it has really made it amazing.
As in the above blog (and all the blogs I’ll be sharing today) this is really mainly about home renos and design. She does a lot of DIY projects that end up looking SO good.
Another design/reno blog! Their house is incredible first of all, and the rooms they’ve completed look phenomenal.
This is one of my all-time favourites because I really relate to the author in a lot of ways. Her house renos look amazing and the house itself is very unique. Throw in awesome DIY projects and a really cute baby, and you have one fantastic read.
More renos! Again, an amazing house and great projects to check out. Most recently they installed tile in their home that is made to look like wood and it looks amazing. Seriously.
I was wrong. Not all the entries on this list are home reno blogs. This one is more of a mom/family life blog and I absolutely love it. She’s very relatable and her kids are really adorable. She writes about day to day life and always makes it interesting and injects a fair amount of humour into her posts as well.





The above picture is the gift I made for a friend’s bridal shower recently. I will soon be making one for myself, and so look forward to a tutorial in the next few weeks (that is, if I actually go out and get the supplies I need…). It’s a really simple project that turns out pretty cute and pretty fun.

I’m hoping to present a series of craft tutorials in the near future, hopefully as a regular feature of my blog. It will be the first time I’ve ever done something like this really, so please be patient with me as I figure things out! Hopefully I can find my camera cord so that it’s not crappy cell photos all the time.

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I’m From…

I’m from mountains and really tall trees
From warm hugs, long cuddles, and kisses-kisses-kisses
I’m from Coca Cola, macaroni and cheese, and graham crackers before bed
From singing while doing dishes, setting food on fire, learning to cook
I’m from Polly Pockets, Barbies and homemade doll houses
From running-running-running, climbing, and swinging
I’m from doodling on Grandma’s walls, on my own hands
From sketching on everything, and throwing paint on canvases
From selling, keeping, giving art
I’m from Disney movies, singing loud, pretending to be anything
I’m from my mom and my dad and my sister and my brother
From my husband and from my daughter
I’m from “I’m bored”, “Don’t touch-a my bib Poppa”, and “Beautiful Ballet”
I’m from all-nighters at camp, playing in the trees, falling asleep three in a bed
From lazing on a trampoline, reeking of sun lotion, laughing so hard I cry-cry-cry
I’m from the BSC, the Little House, Green Gables
From Narnia, Hogwarts, and everywhere in my imagination
I’m from falling in love, and loving my family, and loving my friends
I’m from

The idea for this poem post came from the following places:

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It is SO good to be back home. I really loved being with my mom and dad and brother, but being with my own wee family is really just so wonderful. Ginny has been sleeping all night every night and her earlier bedtime now means that Bryan and I spend true quality time together in the evenings. Before, I would have to keep him up late in order for us to actually talk. And it is truly way easier to talk when the kiddo isn’t around. 

Speaking of the kiddo. She is so silly. And smart. And adorable. When I pretend to be asleep she comes over and gives me kisses. She sits in her castle and jabbers away to her toys. I forgot to put the blueberries back in the fridge and she took them off the counter and brought them to me in the living room so I’d give her some. Sometimes she just stops what she’s doing to hug me. I love it when she dances and sings. And I especially love it when I wake up in the morning to the sound of a little voice down the hall calling “Mummy! Mummy!” 

Being a mom makes one very sappy. I was sappy before I guess, but now I’m just a ball of goo. It’s hard not to be sappy though when a cute little person loves you so much and you get to love them back even more. 

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Visiting with my friends this weekend was wonderful. I really missed seeing everyone while I was away. I can’t wait to see everyone again already!

Packing is going kinda ‘meh’ so far. I’m getting stuff done, but it’s an awkward process due to the fact that most stuff was haphazardly packed already. This means a lot of unpacking just to pack the same box up all over again. I’m hoping that I can purge a lot of things while I’m doing this. Especially clothes. We have SO many clothing items, it’s ridiculous. And we are not fashionable people so it’s all t-shirts, jeans, and billions of hoodies. Why is it so difficult to get rid of clothes? Why is it so important for me to keep that t-shirt I got for free from my friend’s church because I went to a kid’s club for a year there when I was six? I’m sure a lot of people have the same problem.

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I cut Ginny’s hair tonight. It was her very first hair cut, and my very first time cutting hair. We did relatively alright, I think. It was tricky, getting her to sit still; Bryan had to keep popping chocolate kisses her way. The cut is a tad uneven, but I’m going to work on fixing it a bit over the next day or so. I just did her bangs for now – though I think I just want to let her hair grow forever as it is so pretty and soft.

Here are my tips for cutting a toddler’s bangs:
1. Have a buddy with you. They are good for distractions, offering treats, and it’s just good to have a second eye.
2. Don’t be scared to cut the toddler. I didn’t come anywhere near to cutting Ginny. I focused on trying to create a bang that didn’t look like she did it herself and as a result I wasn’t nervous about poking her at all.
3. Don’t cut the bang super wet. It’s going to bounce back once it’s dry so you don’t want to go too short by cutting it wet. I did dampen the hair as I combed and parted it, but by the time I got to the actual snipping it was almost dry and was perfect and I could see how it was going to turn out.

In other news…
Tomorrow night I’m making dinner for friends and I’m pretty excited. I’m doing haddock, potatoes, beans/carrots, and for dessert crescent rolls filled with nutella. On Sunday we’re having some more friends over, this time for lunch, and I’ll be making pasta, sauce, veggies, and perhaps a salad. It’s so nice living in the same city as so many good friends.


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And now I’m back.

I’m not going to go into details of the past month and a bit of my life, because while I had an amazing time in BC, it was obviously also difficult. However, there are a few things that I DO want to go into details about.

Thing One:
Ginny is so good with sleeping, and always has been, and I feel incredibly fortunate. Having her schedule thrown out the window several times during our trip didn’t phase her in the slightest. In fact, she developed a brand new schedule of her own while at my mom and dad’s house and it was so wonderful. She would wake around 8:30 each morning, eat around noon, nap until 3, then go to bed for the night at 8. It has been so nice, so I’m really hoping we can stick with it.

Thing Two:
We went grocery shopping today and I bought healthy crap. No junk food. Only a few items from the frozen section, and they were veggies. I bought an avocado! Like…that is so different from the way I usually shop. And it feels so good. Being at my parents inspired me for some reason. Also inspiring is the way Ginny eats. She eats anything. She likes junk food, but healthy food is just as good to her. She turned down french fries on Sunday so that she could eat asparagus instead. She’s such a good kid. And a very good influence on her mama.

Thing Three:
The Continuing Saga of Our Horrid Apartment continues as tonight we discovered a leak in the ceiling of the baby’s bedroom. So Ginny is now sleeping in the cluttered third bedroom (I’m in the process of packing and that’s where everything gets dumped) where I can’t hear her as well and it’s making me bonkers. Maintenance did show up tonight and said a supervisor would drop by Tuesday morning, so hopefully everything will be alright. I actually haven’t heard much dripping in the past half hour, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. But ugh…what a thing to come home to.

Thing Four:
Best Husband is the Best. Again. Because on Friday, we’re dropping Ginny off at her grandparents house and then we’re going to lunch, a movie, and then a hotel complete with really massive in-room Jacuzzi. Yes. PLEASE. I need a night of relaxation and Best Husband and I need to the alone time to not be parents for a few hours. People who are planning to have babies: Take time away from your kid. Seriously, it’s so good for you. The first time I left Ginny she was about two weeks old and I went to see a movie. I have zero regrets about that night. Yes, my chest was aching by the time I got home and I may have been lactating a wee bit, but it was so nice to be ME again for a couple hours. Ever since she was that little, Bryan and I have always made sure not to forget about US. Yes, we are a family with our little Ginny and she is so ridiculously important to us that it makes me cry sometimes, but it’s so vital not to forget who you were before the baby.

Thing Five:
There is no thing five. I’m just happy to be able to blog again. Thanks for reading.

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