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Twenty Three

Well I certainly haven’t posted in a long time, and there are quite a few reasons for it but the main one is that we are moving! AGAIN. This is our fourth move in four years. And yet because of my upbringing, that doesn’t totally feel weird. It is quite exhausting though.

We sign the lease and get the keys to our new place on Thursday, and I couldn’t be more excited. Our time in this particular apartment has been stressful, to say the least. I’m really looking forward to the new start in the new place! It will be such a difference. First of all, my BFF will be moving in with us for about a month and a half, and second of all, my little brother is moving in with us starting July! I’m really excited to have him here!

I’ve been packing like crazy this week. I don’t have much to do, as most stuff was still boxed from our run in with the bedbugs, but the stuff I do need to pack is tedious. I need to check all our clothes to make sure we’re not taking any critters. All of Ginny’s soft toys are bagged so that we can run them through a dryer just in case. And packing up one’s kitchen is always difficult, because you still need to cook and eat and wash dishes until moving day! We’re not even technically going to live in the new apartment until Friday, so there’s that too.

One thing that I am particularly excited about in regards to this move, is the fact that I will have the means to finally put some of my Sims-acquired design skills to work. In our current place, we had no furniture and lived out of boxes almost the entire time. There was no point in making a huge effort. In our new home, we’re already off to a fantastic start. We have new (to us) furniture coming out from BC in July, we purchased a new TV stand over this past weekend so that our dresser can finally live in our bedroom again, and I have a budget to purchase new items like lamps, dish towels, decor items, etc. I’m really excited to make this new home homey and us. I felt like this apartment was just a place we lived in because it was always so empty. I can’t wait to have people over to my home. And I pray every day for happiness in this new place.

Speaking of prayer, it’s been a crazy year and without God I know I wouldn’t have made it through. From moving here, to the bedbugs, to the cockroaches, to the flooded kitchen, to my gallbladder surgery, to losing both of my grandparents, and then coming full circle to finding bedbugs yet again, it has been a hard 12 months. And without God’s help, I don’t think I would even be able to remember all the good things: Ginny’s first steps, her first words, her first Happy Meal, discovering how to invest in myself, getting to spend several awesome weeks with my brother, learning to cook, and spending so much time laughing and growing with my husband… There was so much good this year and though it’s hard to keep sight of, it’s there.

Hopefully I’ll update a bit more often in the coming months, with pictures documenting my home decorating adventure and more tutorials as previously promised, as well as maybe some recipes and of course more stories about my munchkin (who was walking around calling herself a princess today).


Twenty Two

Tutorial Number One

What you need:
Scrapbook paper
Exacto knife and/or scissors
Fine tip markers
Straight edge
Glue – white or hot

Step One

Choose your paper and assemble your materials! I went nuts and bought a pack of 360 sheets. It’s not the highest quality, but it had so really pretty designs and will last me quite a while. It was about $28 @ Wal Mart. The knife and glue were also purchsed there for fairly cheap. You don’t have to use a clipboard as shown in the photo. I use that just to make sure my paper doesn’t move when I’m writing or drawing.



Step Two

Cut your page to size. I just used the fake picture insert thing that came with the frame to make sure I had the right measurements.



Step Three

Using a fairly plain piece of paper, I chose how large I wanted my lettering and then played around with fonts. You may just want to print your lettering, but one of my hobbies is writing and I have a lot of fonts just buzzing around in my head. I tried a few different ideas before settling on a simple and bold one. I then outlined in a purple pen, and coloured it in and carefully cut each letter out, leaving a small border.





Step Four

Decide where your lettering will go on the page, and then glue it on. Make sure to lay it all out BEFORE gluing, to avoid off-sided placement or something that just isn’t right. I also chose at the last second to add a little “Est 2010” because I thought it would add a bit o’ charm.



Final Product




As you can see, my letters aren’t all exactly the same size, but I really liked the look of imperfection it gave. I’ll probably swap it out at some point anyways because as I said, I have 360 sheets of paper to use up so why not change the decor a bit every once in a while?

This is a ridiculously simple project and you should try it because it turns out cute, and it’s a fun way to spend some time on your own. In my case, I worked on this after my daughter and husband went to bed for the night and it was such a peaceful activity. If you try it, let me know how it goes – I’d love to see a picture, and it’s so fun to share ideas.

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