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Thirty Two

Turning 25 is so odd. This is the first major birthday ‘milestone’ that has really hit me in a significant way in a long time. Probably since I was eighteen or nineteen. The early twenties were just a blip – not terribly exciting. But 25? It feels scary and real and I had one of the best birthdays in a long time which I am beyond grateful for.

Unfortunately the night before, I had an awful sleep. But this morning I got to sleep in a bit and then receive warm, squirmy cuddles from my little Ginny-Pig. Then we stopped by church for a bit before I went out for lunch with my best pal, and then we met up with another good pal and looked at engagement rings and wandered the mall and Indigo. Then I hung out with my husband and daughter and we had KFC and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and I ended the entire day with a hot chai tea latte at my desk watching Grey’s.

I’m looking forward to year 26. I’m optimistic that it will be a good one.

B-Day Swag:
(Probably the girliest birthday I’ve ever had)

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Thirty One

Today was a sick day. Taking sick days when you’re a stay at home mom really sucks. All day Monday I felt a rough cold coming on. My throat started getting scratchy, my nose started getting stuffy, and my head started pounding. This morning Bryan woke up at the crack of dawn as usual, asked how I was feeling, and when I sounded like gravel in a blender he decided to stay home.

Making the decision to take a sick day is a tough one because it means Bryan has to take one too and his job actually pays. Today though, it was absolutely the right decision. I was able to sleep in, then take an additional nap all afternoon. By around six o’clock I was feeling much better. I made supper for everyone, enjoyed a movie with my best bud, and then watched a few episodes of Grey’s.

Ginny was fantastic all day. She got to spend it with her daddy, and what little girl wouldn’t love that? They played, watched Sesame Street, tried out her new LeapPad (best purchase ever), and had Fruit Loops. They’re adorable together.

I’m praying that tomorrow is an unsick kind of day. I know it’ll be a rough night, but Ginny’s a good kid who will let me take it easy if necessary. I love that kid.



Thirty posts already! Wowza.

Today I’d like to share a few pictures of our ‘office’ area. Basically, it’s just one corner of our bedroom. We were fortunate enough to find an apartment with large bedrooms, which we really didn’t have in our last place. We love our technology and our books and our knick knacks, so some sort of office space is necessary.

004 006 007

It’s tough creating a workspace that works for both Bryan and myself. I’m someone who likes to have all my stuff at hand and kind of easy to find which usually translates to: All over the desk all the time, Oh My Gosh Becca MOVE YOUR STUFF. Meanwhile Bryan is someone who likes all surfaces to be void of things and stuff. My biggest problem in causing all the clutter, is I like to draw in front of the computer screen so my pencils get left there and scraps of paper and q-tips and tissue and…just everything. My aim with this brand new desk! is to keep it TIDY. I like to make my husband fella happy and to be honest…having a tidy workspace really does make me feel pretty darn good too.

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Twenty Nine

A good chunk of my time lately, has been spent on planning my Ginny’s second birthday party. It’s tough planning a birthday for a toddler who doesn’t really care all that much, so long as she has attention. I’ve decided to go Mouse again this year! Last year we did Minnie Mouse just because I like that gal, and several months after the fact, Ginny developed a minor obsession with the character. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is our inspiration, as it’s one of Ginny’s very favourite shows. I’m not going all out as I have neither the time, nor money for it, but we’ll put up a few decorations so that Ginny will notice.

Something exciting for her birthday this year, is that it will be quite the family event. Both sets of grandparents will be present, as well as my brother and sister, Bryan’s brother and his wife and baby (who we’re meeting for the first time!), and Bryan’s cousin and her boyfriend too. Then there will be the people Ginny knows best and who know her pretty well too. I’m really looking forward to the party, though it’s completely blowing my mind that my daughter is about to turn TWO YEARS OLD already. It’s insane how fast time has gone. Everyone always warns you about how fast the time will pass, but even if you comprehend it, it doesn’t sink in fully until you experience it.

I’ll likely have a post up after her party, detailing what went on. My main goal with it, is that Ginny will have a good time. I’m sure she will though, as she’s a fairly easy going young lady. I love her. Duh.

Now…The Fault in Our Stars.
Loved it, but it made me realize that my time in the ‘teen fandom’ is over. I will always love books written for young adults, and I’m still going to watch the movie adaptations, but I’m no longer apart of that community and it was a strange realization to come to. As Bryan and I sat in the theatre, surrounded by a ridiculously high number of teenage girls, it just hit me that I’m not a teenage girl anymore. I mean I’m definitely aware that I haven’t been a teenager for some time now and I have the husband and baby and debt to prove it, but my mind was still in that era I guess, to a degree. It’s only in the past few months that those interests have been kind of fading. I don’t care to go see the new Hunger Games movies in the theatres anymore. I am having a stupidly difficult time getting into the dang second Divergent book. And I left The Fault in Our Stars on Thursday feeling like something was missing.

Having said all that though, the movie itself was a fantastic adaptation – very true to the book. The changes that were made, all made sense and weren’t terribly missed. Nearly every single actor really was their character and it made me giddy to see them all coming to life on the big screen. And as annoying as the crowd in the theatre was, it is always so thrilling to go to a movie and hear and feel the entire theatre reacting as one to different parts of the film. I LOVE the movie going experience. When the theatre applauded during Godzilla, I burst into tears. Movies are a huge part of my life and the cinema is a place where I really feel special, as corny as that sounds.

I only required 3 tissues during the movie, by the way.

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Twenty Eight

Tryin’ out something new here – a survey. I hope to do this semi-regularlyish.

1. What is your favorite kind of cheese? Cheddar. Easy.

2. What are you excited about? TFiOS tomorrow, my b-day, and then heading out to Campbell River!

3. How did you celebrate your last birthday? Paul McCartney concert!

4. What is on your bedside table? Water, TFiOS, alarm clock, pills, phone, bobby pins

5. What do you order from the movie theater concession stand? Popcorn (extra butter) and Coke.

6. Do you have a garden? What’s growing? No garden, though I’d like to get some sort of plant for out on the balcony.

7. Any summer plans? BC! And apartment stuff, hopefully a lot of lazy Sundays, and maybe a day trip or two?

8. Which TV couple(s) are you rooting for? Dany and Jorah, Sansa and Baelish (I dunno…just seems like they could be a power couple)

9. What’s the last thing you bought? 2 Big Gulps, hot wings, chocolate, and taquitos

10. What’s one thing you are passionate about? Drawing and watching movies

11. What are you grateful for this week? I’m grateful that a tv show gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get on that exercise bike!



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Twenty Seven




As you can see, the leaves are here! I love trees, so looking out my window and seeing this every day makes me really happy. I love taking pictures of it too, but I’m worried a neighbour will see me and think I’m some sort of creep. So I don’t take too many photos.

The Night Before Our Stars
Tomorrow night Bryan and I are going out to the Galaxy for the special showing of The Fault in Our Stars which I have been stoked about for probably a year now. I read the book, LOVE it (own an author autographed copy), and now I get to see it come to life in a very cool way. After the movie ends, there will be a live feed of the author and actors and director into the theatre for us all to watch and we’ll also be able to tweet questions. I think it’s so cool that movies can be interactive like this We’ll also be given a charm bracelet and poster to take home. I’ll probably right a post about it afterward, we’ll see.

In just a few weeks Ginny and I will be heading back to BC, this time under much happier circumstances. Philly is graduating from high school – I can’t believe it! – and then we’re moving him, his stuff, and the pieces of furniture I have out in BC, here to Saskatoon. It’s going to be an interesting drive, as I HATE road trips and I will have to drive some of the way which is not something I do very often. I know it’ll all be alright though.

Now, to end this ‘filler’ post and get back to reading all my other blogs! Love catching up on the lives of my friends and also the people I don’t know (which again, makes me sound like a creep?).

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Twenty Six



First of all…how cute are these two!?! I love them so much. 


Second: I’ve been doing some ‘work’ in the bathroom. Obviously as it’s an apartment we can’t paint or do anything that’s really fun, but I was able to hit up Wal Mart to get some decor goodies. I really like how it turned out. First off, here are the befores:

 019 020 021 022

And here are the afters (so far).


019 020 022


029 030

Still left do do, is purchase baskets to get that linen shelf organized. Right now it’s kind of a jumbly mess as I kind of just have to shove everything on, and we have a roommate currently. She has baskets on her shelf…I should ask where she got them; they’re kind of cute. When she moves out I’m thinking of rolling all the towels and stacking them there neatly.

I’m excited about making progress in this apartment!

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