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Thirty Five

Let’s get this fitness thing started for realz. 

I went out for my first run today and it sucked. Physically, I mean. Mentally, it was inspiring. Sitting on that lonely bench, heaving and gasping, I knew that in order to make that stop I need to soldier on and that’s exactly what I intend to do. 

Short Term Goals:
Be able to run to the park without dying.
Be able to run five minutes without dying.
Be able to run without dying. (I’m NOT in shape, nor have I been since 2007)

I’m not looking to become a ‘runner’. I’m not interested in that. I’m interested in running casually as a way to get fit so that I can keep up with my daughter, and so that I’ll just feel better about myself. As it is, I haven’t been too down on my body lately, partially because I’ve found a new confidence in clothing shopping. However, I’d like to be more active and that’s just not happening right now. Enter going for a run. It’s free, it’s kinda fun I discovered, and it’s also a great way to get in some alone time. Sitting on that bench all by myself was really great. 

Now. I want to keep myself accountable so at the end of random blog posts (maybe mostly fitness related ones) I’ll be posting my weight and perhaps the occasional photo. I have some before photos of my tummy ready to go but I don’t know yet if I’m brave enough. I’m also thinking realistically – that tummy is my problem spot, but running isn’t going to make it go away. The only thing that will do that is a whole lotta ab work and I’m not there yet, not til my energy improves. And even then, losing the post-baby flab is HARD if not impossible for a lot of women. 

So in conclusion…we’ll see how this running thing goes. I hope I can stick with it and stay motivated, and at this point I don’t see any reason for that not to be the case. I even bought snazzy new sneakers because come on…you can’t run unless your feet look fabulous (or is that just me?). 

July 29/14 – 180lbs on the dot. 

(PS: Long term weight loss goal is to get down to 140lbs, but I’m not in any rush to hit that just yet)


Thirty Four

Our Road Trip 


Traveling from British Columbia to Saskatchewan with a full U-Haul, an almost 2 year old, and a 2002 Focus with no air conditioning is no easy feat. It was a very long three days and by the time we got home, I wanted nothing more than to lay in bed with my husband (not touching because dang it’s hot this summer) and just do nothing at all. Out of all my many road trips however, this one was truly the best.

We left the Island mid-morning on a Monday. Loading the truck was quick, Ginny was well behaved and stayed out of the way for the most part, but mere minutes before departing she picked up an antique coaster from the living room and dropped it on the ground. It split in half, I face-palmed, and then seriously debated even telling my mom. Of course I did, but I just couldn’t believe that she hadn’t broken a single thing all trip – until the final five minutes. What. A. Kid. 

After a two hour drive to Nanaimo, we had another hour wait before the ferry was ready to board. It was hot, the playground was full, and I was seriously worried that the truck and car wouldn’t be able to catch the same Ferry and my mom, Ginny, and I would have to kill 4 hours in Vancouver which was NOT ideal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m madly in love with Vancouver, but when you need to make it Saskatchewan by a certain date, you don’t want to be dallying in traffic. Fortunately, we all made it on the same boat, and were able to enjoy a nice lunch from White Spot together. 


Two hours on the water later and it was time to continue the road portion of the journey. And my stars, it was HOT. The air conditioning in the car was not working, my poor kiddo was turning red, and I felt a bit car sick. We ended up making the entire drive with the windows open which is no fun on a highway. My mom always thinks ahead so she had a cooler full of frozen water bottles so I ended up handing one to Ginny to keep her cool, which worked perfectly. Day one was long, hot, and stressful, but we eventually made it to Kamloops where we spent the night all in one hotel room which was thankfully air conditioned. 

Day two was beautiful. The mountains surrounded us, the trees smelled amazing through our open windows, and Ginny was a happy camper. Bryan and I had the forsight to purchase a LeapPad system for her as an early birthday gift and it was a life saver in the car. I also bought her a new stuffy and a Justice League activity book, so she was rarely bored. Unfortunately she rarely slept, but that turned out to be great for the nighttime because she crashed and crashed hard. I made the mistake of giving her a melting Kit Kat piece, but it made her so happy that I can’t truly regret it. We made it Edmonton that night, and got basically the last hotel room in town, which turned out to be awesome because it had a king size bed for my parents, and two singles in a separate smaller room for my little bro and I and Ginny. It was a restful night. 


Day three was surreal. Suddenly we were out of the mountains and into the prairies. It was such a drastic change and at first I was so disappointed to be in such a flat place. But the prairies are so gorgeous in their own way, mainly due to the incredible sky out here. Once I got over my sadness at leaving ‘home’ (BC will ALWAYS be my true home), I found that I was really glad to be back to the familiar sights of fields upon fields upon fields. The morning dragged on forever, but once we hit SK, things seemed to fly by and before I knew it we were finally home and I was smoochin’ my sweetie husband. Unloading the truck was hot work, but with the help of really great friends, it went pretty quickly and Wednesday night we were all able to just relax and sit and just do nothing.



One of the main reasons why this trip went better than any other, was that A) I hadn’t done a trip through multiple provinces since 2009 (without flying), and B) I wasn’t carsick. As a child I was constantly tossing my cookies in a bucket in the car or on the side of oh so many highways. I’ve puked high in the mountains near peaceful streams, deep in the sweltering heat of the Okanagan, and at the foot of a poor dinosaur in Drumheller, AB. So to make it through this trip without even flinching throughout those winding roads and crazy altitudes really made things infinitely more enjoyable. For the first time ever I could truly enjoy the scenery and beauty of God’s creation in my country, and I really loved every minute of it.  

Here’s some more photos from the drive:





Thirty Three

Let’s review.

Near the end of June, Ginny and I went out to BC for my brother’s high school graduation, to spend time with my family, and to then road trip back home with a uhaul full of Phil’s things (he’s movin’ in) and the furniture items that I inherited from my grandparents. Phil’s grad went well, visiting with my family was relaxing and fun, I couldn’t get enough of the sights and smells of Vancouver Island, the road trip was loooonng, and we made it back home in one piece and I now have a fully furnished apartment for the first time since getting married back in 2010. My parents have been staying with us since we got home and they leave Saturday evening which means we can get back to normal around here, but I’ll miss them so much. I kinda love my mom and dad.


Ginny had her second every birthday a couple weeks ago, and everything turned out pretty great. I kind of forgot to actually take pictures (ugh) but believe you me, the desserts were pretty cute. We didn’t go all out with the Mickey theme, but it was obvious that it was kind of a Mickey party. Ginny had a great time, obviously, and I loved having so many friends and family members there to celebrate with us. Her party will definitely be one to remember for me, personally, for many years.

Speaking of my Ginny. She’s growing like crazy, constructing sentences of her own, learning new words every day, and is so clever that I fear I won’t be able to outsmart her anymore soon. She has loved having my mom and dad here to spoil her.

I’ll blog about life stuff again soon (hopefully). For now, I need to get me some shut eye. It was a long day.

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