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Forty One

Life with a two year old just continues to get more fascinating. Her latest ‘things’ include:

-sitting in a box stuffed with blankets and pillows
-doing magic with a fairy-flower wand (she even made her own magic words: KAVOOM KAAAABOOOOOM!)
-she has given up the high chair, totally on her own I might add, and is starting to drink out of proper cups.
-she’ll come up to me at various points throughout each day and very dramatically declare, “I’m soooo hungry Mommy!!”

As with many children, Ginny has that one special toy. The one that is her favourite. The one she has drooled on. Cried on. Fed pizza to. And the time to wash this toy (called Bajah Bear…though sometimes we argue over whether the names should be spelled Bajah or Baziah) arrived long ago but we’d been putting it off. Her bear was disgusting but the thought of taking it away from her long enough to clean it, was painful. She’s generally easy going, but the other night I forgot to tuck it into bed with her and half an hour later a sad little voice was calling out for Bajah. And the worst part? This toy is not machine washable. This means, he will be out of commission for who knows how long, in order to dry.

Finally I bit the bullet. I just used dish soap, water, and a fingernail brush. First thing yesterday morning, I took Bajah into the kitchen and scrubbed him as gently as possible, while still removing the ickies. By the time I finished, he was quite wet, but no longer smelled of drool and breath and pizza. Poor Ginny couldn’t wait for him to dry, so I grabbed my hair dryer and performed some magic. Once he was dry, I was pleased to see that the stains were gone for the most part. No more pizza face! His limbs and ears are still worse for wear, and the white of his shirt is slightly yellowed, but he is finally clean!

Minor rant here: I realize the bear was gross. It smelled weird, looked weird, and just…I know. But in the past few weeks people commented on the bear as though I did not, and honestly even though I know the comments were intended to be helpful and kind, it felt like a dig at me. I was not too lazy to clean the bear. I was too afraid of Ginny being sad without him for the time it would take to do so. So when I heard that people were offering their own tips and comments about the bear to someone I knew, who then offered their own advice (more than once) it REALLY irked me. I didn’t like my daughter tugging that nasty bear around, but taking your child’s favourite toy away is a hard thing to do! Normally I don’t give in to Ginny’s demands, and I’m fairly consistent with following through on things. I don’t spoil her if I can help it. But in this case it was an emotional situation. Once I finally did it, I discovered that it was fine and I will certainly be giving poor Bajah much more frequent cleanings after this. But unsolicited advice can sometimes really be just…uncomfortable. I have a fairly tough skin, but for whatever reason this REALLY got to me.

In other news…I’ve still been ‘arting’ like crazy lately, and I’ve opened an Etsy shop! I’m planning to paint some custom pieces to add to the shop, hopefully soon. I’m really excited about this, and also am feeling very challenged because I don’t want to risk any copyright infringement and that means that only original work will be going in the shop. It’s going to be fun.



I read a blog post this morning¬†¬†and it got me to thinking. Since becoming a mom, I’ve really paid attention to what other moms are doing and writing about and a huge issue is the whole ‘princess and barbie dolls’ thing. Folks seem really concerned about not pushing their children into traditional gender stereotypes. I agree with this somewhat. I think your child should be able to play with any toy they wish, whether said toy is targeted towards boys or girls. I also think it’s not the end of the world if your daughter in particular (just because that’s what I have) is embracing the princess life.

Before my Ginny was born, I HATED pink. Didn’t want pink clothes for my girl, didn’t want frou frou dresses, and the thought of stupid bows on her clothes really bothered me. But you know what? Ginny LOVES that stuff, and people bought it for us regardless of my feelings so I sucked it up and you know what else? I now own pink and sparkly clothing items myself!

We have never pushed Ginny towards a certain ‘lifestyle’. She owns Barbies, yes, but she also owns cars. She likes to run around dressed like a princess, but it’s often with a cowboy hat on. I’m excited about her well-roundedness. I also know that I won’t be concerned if she takes the tomboy route over the princess route, or vice versa. I think we should encourage our children to really explore their imagination and develop their personalities. I don’t think a little girl wanting to be frilly is a perpetuation of gender stereotyping or antifeminism. It’s just a little girl doing what makes her happy, and as that little girl’s mother, it makes me happy to see her that way.

Thirty Nine

Well! I’ve been slow with the posting lately but I have a very good reason. I’ve gotten my art groove back! I’ve been drawing like CRAZY and it’s all I want to do and that’s a-okay with me. I love drawing and in recent years my passion disappeared but it’s back right now (I have no idea for how long) and I’m taking full advantage of it. The only problem is I have extremely diminished supplies! So here and there I’m finding loose pencils and pens in boxes and picking up what i need when we hit Walmart and I’m excited to make it to Michael’s soon because I’m running on scrap paper at this point. It’s so fun though, and I’m so excited. So if posts are still few and far between…this is why.


Oh…and Ginny has hit the terrible twos. I’m exhausted. Who wants to blog when they’re exhausted? Not this girl. Hopefully I’ll write again soon though! Now…back to drawing.

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