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Forty Three

Well I haven’t posted in a while, and I’m fairly positive that I won’t be posting again for a while after this either. I’m exhausted lately, getting over some weird…I don’t even know what it was! Honestly I thought I was pregnant, but there are no buns in this oven. I’m hoping to do a Christmas post (after Christmas) but I think as my blog posts have been growing farther apart lately, that is a trend that will continue for the time being. I used to be absolutely glued to my computer screen, but since starting original pieces of art (aka not portraits) I’ve spent way more time out in the living room in the sunlight, and my desire to write has gone way down. So anyways, thanks for sticking with me, and hopefully we’ll chat again soon about the Christmas festivities!

Some art:

544944_10154771819395184_1338149640552277036_n 1236174_10154748298090184_8416921118546806107_n 1604941_10154771819565184_1807677439406662963_n 10360951_10154771819515184_3540539835421175970_n 10415662_10154721869865184_5088434456004502291_n 10433312_10154750749430184_8246072045922248300_n 10610660_10154603770560184_514040744875550491_n 10632749_10154722310175184_3670475680508148667_n

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