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Forty Six

Time to review my resolutions of 2014.

1. Have a scheduled date night, once a month, with Bryan.
Well we have accomplished this sort of. We do go out, just us, a LOT more than we used to since having Ginny, mainly because my brother lives with us now and is always willing to babysit. We don’t do real dates (dinner/movie) too often, but even just getting out to the grocery store or out to pick up a hot chocolate or something is great.

2. Lose 30lbs.
I didn’t come anywhere near to reaching this goal. In fact, I’m fairly certain that I put on a couple pounds since this time last year. However, the first half of 2014 was extremely difficult for me, as I was trying to climb out of an emotional pit of darkness and it was hard work just trying to be happy. People tend to throw the word depression around, but I’m fairly certain I was in one from roughly January to June. Even when I finally felt GOOD again, it was hard to be thinking about taking care of body the way I should. I don’t feel like I failed this goal though, because I never intended on forcing a 30lb weight loss upon myself. That’s tough work for someone who is a couch potato. This year will be better though, I can feel it already.

3. Move.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! And moving saved me. Life in the last apartment was awful. I hated it. I hated myself there. Every memory of Ginny there is tainted because of that awful place. We are leaps and bounds happier in this new place and I thank God for it whenever I can. We have better space, better neighbours, better neighbourhood, and finally we also have furniture. The reason for most of the furniture is sad, but I’m infinitely thankful to my family for giving it to me. We are SO happy here.

4. Get better about that one REALLY important thing.
I accomplished this, too. Still can’t go into detail about it, but I DID IT. It’s hard. It’s always hard, and it’s always going to be hard, but I now know I can do it.

5. Engage Ginny more.
I’ve absolutely done this, but I can still take it up several notches. It’s amazing the difference between the ages of one and two. Suddenly she’s a real kid! And she can colour, and do Play Doh, and crafts…we made felt Christmas ornaments this year. She’s at such a fun age.

I feel good about my resolutions, regardless of keeping them or not. I’m looking forward to making some new ones for 2015.


Forty Five

Christmas is officially over, and a whole new year of waiting for my favourite holiday begins again. It is truly my favourite time of year. I love the smells, the warmth, the food, the love… I love that it’s such a wonderful chance to celebrate the birth of Christ. My favourite part of Christmas though, is the family. I read and hear about way too many instances of people hating the family time at Christmas, and I cannot relate at all. Even this Christmas, when I was with Bryan’s family rather than mine, things have been good. Right now, Bryan and his parents and brother are playing a board game, while I’m snuggled downstairs listening to them chat about wizards and cards and stuff, and just being in the same house is enough to make me content.

This was the first Christmas to really matter to our Ginny Pig. She understood that Santa was bringing presents, and on the big day she was so thrilled to get to open all of her gifts. And she was SPOILED. My goodness. Both grandmothers went OVER THE TOP. When we get back home, a purge of her old toys will be necessary or we will literally drown in Frozen merchandise. After stockings, presents, and Skype (where we got to see my nephew walk!) we had a large Irish breakfast. Then it was nap time and oh my, that was glorious. We all then watched The Office in the afternoon before enjoying a beautiful and delicious turkey dinner. Then it was movie time, and we chose Silverado because who doesn’t want to watch a cowboy movie on Christmas day? Then bed time, which was also marvelous.

The tough thing about being married, and being willing to spend Christmas time with family, is that you have a hard time getting around to starting your own traditions. We are on a 4 year rotation for Christmas: Us, B’s parents, Us, My parents. That gives us a chance to travel in the summers between family get togethers. It’s a good system, and we plan on sticking to it for as long as we can. Next year, we’re hoping to really build our own traditions and this is my idea for it so far:
Wake up, open stockings
Eat breakfast
Open presents
Hang out
Have lunch
Go to a movie!
Out for dinner.
Then on Boxing Day, we would invite friends over to feast upon a delicious turkey with us.

I hope this plan works out, because it sounds fun. If not though, Christmas is still guaranteed to be fantastic, because it always always is.

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Blog post! Huzzah! Just wanted to show off…

My yorkshires:


Those come from the Gordon Ramsay recipe I shared a while back. They always turn out that puffy. Always. They’re so delicious. I love them like a second child. The biggest most important tips to follow when making yorkshires: DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN WHILE THEY’RE COOKING, and COOL THE BATTER BEFORE POURING INTO THE OIL/PAN! Full plate below. It was crazy yummy.

My party table (minus the hot foods…forgot to take a picture once they were assembled).

013So the party went really well! We had a decent crowd, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I served: assorted fruits and veggies, assorted cheese and crackers, home-made pizza crescent rolls (all but ONE were eaten! success!), an assortment of store-bought pastry hors douvres, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, home-made spinach dip, berry punch, assorted meats, and shots of Butter Beer! After the food stuff was finished, we settled down and played a couple party games with the help of the Wii U, and then a round each of Disney Scene It and Movie Scene It. All in all, our first ever Christmas party felt like a success, and I’m confident now in my party-throwing ability and hope to host another one in the future.

And my daughter! Because she’s way too cute lately (aka all the time forever).


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