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Fifty Two

Today is Day 1 of what I am officially calling: OPERATION HAWT BECCA 2015: This Time It’s Personal. I will not fail this mission.

So far, Day 1 is going well. I started off by actually eating breakfast for once!! I can’t remember the last time I did so. I have also begun a food journal. A huge challenge for me is figuring out what to eat during the day. I’m hoping that keeping track of my meals will help me to remember what I like, don’t like, what’s easy, and hopefully it will give me ideas. Typically I eat macaroni and cheese EVERY DAY. That’s not a good idea, ya know? Last night my husband and I hit Sobey’s and I stalked up on a few other options for myself. I am determined!

I’m not going to write about what I eat every day, but I will check in from time to time with progress. It’s a great way to keep track of stuff just for myself.

Weight: 181

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Fifty One

So, I hopped on the Nostalgia Train last night and it sure gave me a kick in the pants. I can’t believe how GOOD I looked at age 17. It makes sense…my metabolism was great, considering I survived on Salt and Vinegar chips, Coke, mac and cheese, and hot wings. My teenage years may have sucked socially, but physically I felt great. I wasn’t in shape, but I was at the right weight for my height. Clothes fit. I wasn’t embarrassed in a swimsuit. My physical self esteem was through the roof from ages 13-18. Girls at school were constantly down on themselves and I was always baffled, because really…are you ever going to look this good again? This young? Everyone was gorgeous in high school!

Anyways, seeing my body in particular was kind of like someone flicking me in the head and saying, “Why’d you let that go?” I think seeing what I was will be good inspiration. I’ll never get back down to 120, and that’s 100% with me. But if I work hard, I can shed some of these pounds and begin returning to my former glory. Seriously…I was a nerdy babe. I don’t care if it’s vain to be talking about myself this way. I was young, I was pretty. My face has changed a bit, but I love seeing how I’m aging, so now I just need to work to get that bod back. And I know it will be so worth it. So maybe I’ll pin up a picture of young, hawt Becca, and use that as inspiration to get on that exercise bike! To go out walking! To start doing some yoga on the regular! To stop eating those darn chips!



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I can’t believe I made it to post numero fifty!! To celebrate (I guess…haha. When I came here to write this post I didn’t realize it was number 50) here is a re-purposing project I whipped up real quick this morning.

Our bathroom is massive. It’s also laid out in a non-functional way. The toilet paper is too far from the toilet, the linen closet is tucked into an almost un-reachable hidey hole, and there are not enough towel racks despite the acres of wall space. The biggest issue I have with our bathroom though, is the fact that there is no space for next-to-the-toilet storage which, as a woman, I find important at certain times of the month (although every one of us suffers from the fact that there’s nowhere to keep extra toilet paper where it’s the most useful).

For a long time, I kept my lady products in an old Winnie-the-Pooh wipey container on the back of the toilet. This is problematic for a couple reasons. A) what if some poor guy thinks there’s wipies in there, opens up to take one, and then BAM! TAMPONS! PADS! Oh, the horror. And reason B) it’s awkward to open, and I can’t fit too many items at a time.

So here is my solution:
I took an empty dishwasher soap container, simply taped some fun scrapbook paper around it, and then voila! A handy-dandy place to keep all of my feminine hygiene products. The lid is easy to open, there’s enough space to keep a bit of everything, and it will look cute sitting on the back of the toilet (I would have snapped a photo of the container in its new home, but I just didn’t feel like cleaning the bathroom this morning).
So that’s my teeny project of the day, and hopefully it will make my life in our ridiculous bathroom just that much better.

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