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Fifty Nine

Just wanted to say that I love being Ginny’s mom. It’s the best.


Fifty Eight

It’s amazing how quickly you can see progress, once you actually start doing the work! I know that this is a fairly obvious statement, but I thought I’d have to be working at working out for far longer before I saw results. I’ve been consistent in my physical activity (with only a rest on Sunday) for an entire week now, and my flexibility has improved noticeably.

You know that stretch where you sit on the floor and reach out across one leg to touch your toes? Day one, I absolutely could not touch my toes. Yesterday, I touched ’em! I can touch my toes! This is big for me. Seeing that tiny bit of progress is inspiring.

I’ve hopped on the stationary bike a few times – turns out that I wasn’t as awful at it as I originally thought, as Bryan adjusted the…adjusty thingy, and now I can comfortably ride for a bit – and I’m looking forward to including that in my work out a few times a week, if not everyday. We have it set up in the living room, so I can watch my stories while I pedal to glory.

In addition to improving my own lifestyle, I’m excited about the example I’m setting for my daughter. She likes to chat with me while I’m suffering through my crunches, or come sit on my tummy for an added challenge. She also enjoys reminding me to exercise and sometimes she joins in. Ginny is really a great kid.

So that’s my brief little update.┬áProgress! Toes! Inspiration!

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Fifty Seven

I think I am finally on the cusp of tricking myself into working out. It has been a very real struggle to just get started on simple exercising! But! Wonder of wonder and miracle of miracles, I may be finally getting somewhere FOR REAL.

It all began when I watched Mockingjay Part 1 on Monday evening…First of all, i loved it. Best movie of the series so far. Watching the movie made me want to reread the book series, but alas, I only had Mockingjay out on a shelf for some reason. So Tuesday morning, I entered the scary storage room and dug out a few boxes of books to try and find The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I found The Hunger Games! No clue where Catching Fire is though. However, lifting boxes of books was somewhat of a good work out, and tidying up always inspires me. So I went into my bedroom, swapped end tables, moved the bed, and then moved all of Ginny’s books into her bedroom to make room for more of my books in our hallway. A good morning’s work!

Wednesday morning, after Ginny left for the day, I really got down to work again. I completely cleaned my bedroom, shifted more boxes, made the bed, did the dishes, and got bags of garbage and donations ready to go out.

By the end of Wednesday, my body was feeling it and it felt good. Painful, but good. And that’s when I realized…if I continue this cycle of actually exerting physical activity…maybe I can turn it into habit!! So this morning I actually laid down on the dang floor and did some leg exercises that I have so desperately needed for years now. It was tough, but it felt good and didn’t take long. I’m taking baby steps, and that’s more than good enough for me.

Once my leg strength improves, I’m confident i’ll be able to get on the exercise bike and then hopefully take Bryan’s actual bike out to the park sometimes and get some fresh air.



Fifty Six

I may not be a hoarder anymore, but I’m also certainly not a neat freak. I like stuff to be clean and tidy, but I frequently fall behind. The room that certainly suffers the most is mine and Bryan’s bedroom. First of all, we have very little storage in there. Our dresser has to be in our closet area which means we lose several feet of hanging space, and taking up even more of that space, is a necessary hanging organizer. One corner of the room is dominated by a desk, but hopefully soon we will be squeezing a second dresser next to it. On top of the lack of storage though…Bryan and I both just suck at remembering to put away our clean laundry. It sits folded in the laundry baskets until laundry day, when we hurriedly put what’s left into whatever nook or cranny we can find so we can refill the baskets with dirty clothes. Not an ideal situation. Eventually, we end up with clothes in the dresser, on the dresser, on the shelf, but mostly on the floor and at the foot of my side of the bed.

Today I cleaned the room though! No more clothes on the floor! And THIS TIME THIS TIME THIS TIME!!! we will KEEP IT THAT WAY. Please. Seriously, being able to walk without tripping on a mountain of t-shirts is just lovely. After sorting through all the clothes, putting them away, and compiling a bag of them for the thrift store, I then set to making my side of the bed area prettyish. So below are photos of my side of the bed, and also the storage situation and how I dealt with it today.


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Fifty Five

This is a post about stuff, and also about things.

First of all, let’s talk about how exhausted I’ve been lately. It’s been bad lately. For the past 5 days or so, Ginny has been really testing the limits of my patience. I don’t have a bad temper, but I have a fast temper, so it’s been a real test in my own self control, as well as how far I will go to remain steadfast in not letting Ginny get away with things. Basically, she has decided to not listen to us anymore. She’ll play nicely and quietly for a an hour or so, and then it’s time to clean up…and then a fight breaks out because she either refuses to clean up, or halfheartedly picks up one item while literally rolling her eyes at me and sighing, “Fiiiine.” So that’s fun! Plus, she refuses to just eat her dang food, which means I spend about an hour or so during lunch and dinner, trying to make her eat. I have been careful to serve her stuff that she loves too, just to keep the peace, but nope. In addition to these things, she has also been much more difficult at bedtime than usual, has quit having naps, and as a result she has mini-tantrums over silly things throughout the day (and when I say mini, I mean mini – as in the tantrum lasts maybe 15 seconds, which I can deal with!).

Dealing with all these little things, which individually would not normally matter but all together are a pain, has really been grating on me. I find myself quicker to snap at Ginny or yell, which I try to avoid as much as I possibly can. It’s so difficult to not be angry with her, when I know that she is only 2 years old and still learning. Not only that though, but she is a REALLY good kid. Doesn’t like to cry much, is typically well behaved, and loves us so much. So hopefully this bout of the terrible twos passes soon because I’m just so tired.

Next up: I made pork schnitzel last night for dinner and it was delish.

Also: I have been reading a lot lately, and I want to read more but here’s my problem: There is no space in my apartment to have all of my books unpacked, and when I about selecting a book to read I like to be able to see ALL of them, that I may choose the best one for the moment. But most of my books are in boxes ­čśŽ So I only have a few shelves worth to choose from and it’s driving me insane, and I realize that this is a ridiculously insignificant problem to have, but I’ve rekindled my love affair with books so it’s important to me right now.

I guess that’s it for today. Today is my day off so I’m going to go either a) diddle around on Tumblr or b) lay down under a quilt and let the couch absorb me.

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Fifty Four

What I’m watching, reading, whatevering…

House of Cards.
This has been a whirlwind. For the past year, my dad has been talking about it and I finally took the plunge last week and have not looked back. I began watching last Tuesday, and I’m now almost finished season 3 (of 3). This show is intense, guys. It has everything you want in a serious show about politics: evil guys, tall ladies, devious plots, cray-cray twists… It’s a really well-written show and I highly recommend it. Warning: There is a lot of swearing and nudity.

Parks and Recreation.
I binge watched the entire series over the course of February and I loved every minute. The show is tough to get into, as the first half or so of season 1 has not developed the characters into their true selves just yet, but once you get over the hump it’s worth it. This show is clean, silly, smart, and is just full of delightful storylines and people. I’m sad it ended, but I absolutely love how the series went out.

By: Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams
This was a book and a half. I found it by accident as I was trying to spend the last of an Indigo gift card. I was aimlessly wandering in the aisles, waiting for something to call my name and this book just started screaming at me. This is a complicated book. It is really a book within a book, and I’d like you to please stick with me as I try to explain. S. is the book. Ship of Theseus is the book within. S. comprises of Ship of Theseus as well as two college students (a guy and a girl) who meet and begin communicating in the margins of Ship of Theseus. Handwritten notes litter each page, and as the plot of the novel develops, so does the plot of these two students. Loose leaf pages, napkins with maps drawn on, photographs, and postcards are to be found tucked into the pages of the book and it was so exciting to turn the page and find a new treasure to remove and inspect. It is a VERY hard book to read. There are several ways to read the book (just the novel, just the margins, novel and margins at the same time…), and once I finished reading it myself, I realized that I will need to go back and re-read at some point because I have NO idea what the heck happened. Still, this is an incredible book, and an incredible literary experiment that was just a delight to be able to try out. So the plot: These two students are trying to solve all these clues that were apparently left in Ship of Theseus by the novel’s translator, and in trying to solve the mystery they become targets of a nefarious group themselves.

Sophie’s Choice
By: William Styron
Sophie’s Choice is one of the most well-written books I’ve read in a very long time. The style is so unique to the book, and was very easy to read despite the heavy subject. A young man moves to New York to make it as a writer, and encounters the beautiful and sad Sophie, as well as her abusive and off-his-rocker boyfriend. As the story unfolds, we learn that Sophie is a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, but there is even more to just that than at first glance. I was fully expecting this book to be a tear-jerker, but while much of the story did really get me thinking and was quite powerful, the moment of Sophie’s Choice seemed to pass by without much fanfare. Especially after watching the Choice scene from the Meryl Streep movie on youtube (which is one of the most terrifying movie scenes you can ever watch, particularly as a parent), I was a little disappointed that the Choice didn’t have more impact. However, it is absolutely a book I will be reading again.

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Fifty Three

I don’t really have anything in particular to say today. Things have been going well lately. I’m not doing great with Operation Hawt Becca, but it’s early days yet so I’m not discouraged. My hair has finally grown long enough to pile into a messy bun and/or pony tail on the back of my head, which is relieving. No more static hair stuck to my face at all times!! Mainly, I’ve been enjoying my time with my Ginny and my Bryan and life has just been generally good. This year has lots of potential to be good, and that’s all I need. Here are some pictures (some I edited, some I did not):