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Sixty Three

Hey! A food post!

Lately I’ve been devouring kale chips like crazy. Like. CRAZY! To the point where I’m driving Bryan a bit bonkers because a) what an odd thing to be obsessed with and b) he HATES the smell, taste, everything. I’ma eat ’em anyways though.

I know there’s 9485495 billion kale chip recipes out there, but this one is my own and I think it’s pretty yummy.

Preheat the oven to 300 F.

Chop up some fresh, clean kale into chip-sized pieces. I like mine to be a touch bigger. Place the kale into a bowl and then drizzle some oil on top (I use Becel oil – which has cut down on how oily and greasy our food is in general!). You want just enough oil that each leaf is coated, but not soaked, so just add a little bit at a time. I massage the oil into the leaves with my hands which is messy, but it makes is very easy to get the oil into all the little curls and folds.

Kale 1

Next comes the seasoning. I start by pouring just a little bit of white vinegar in. The vinegar is what really makes my chips delicious, and doesn’t matter what flavouring I want, I always add vinegar first. It really only takes a very small amount, even if you have quite a bit of kale. Then I sprinkle onion powder, salt (table, or sea salt), and seasoning powder on top. This is just the flavour that I enjoy best, and I do it to taste, making sure to smell the kale frequently until I am satisfied. Next it’s time to get messy again, and toss the kale until the seasoning is well distributed.

Kale 3

Some people line their cookie sheets/trays with parchment paper, but I rarely have any on hand so I’ve found tin foil works just fine, and there is no need to spray or grease it before hand. Lay out the kale, making sure there is little to no overlap so that you have better odds of maximum crispyness.

Kale 4

Into the oven! I recommend setting your timer for 8 minutes, then checking on the kale. Usually I need to put it in for another 4-5 more minutes. Then, when everything is crispy and yummy smelling, pull the pan out of the oven and you can start eating right away! I love it when my chips are still a little bit warm.

Kale 5


Sixty Two

Well, we officially have an injury under our belts. Ever since Ginny was born I have been dreading the day she gets hurt in a way that Mommy’s kisses can’t heal. Saturday night, she slept over at her grandparents’ house and fell out of bed during the night. This was a low bed, onto carpeted floor, so I’m assuming she caught her shoulder on the frame as she went down. Long story short, the poor kid broke her left collarbone. We picked her up to go to the hospital Sunday morning (no one realized how serious it was yet), and went home around lunchtime with a tiny girl wearing a tiny sling.

Ginny is an impressive force. As we waited in the ER, she sat quietly, snuggled on Daddy’s lap. She would smile and wink at me and let me give her water. When the nurse wanted to check her out before sending us to the kids ER, Ginny sat patiently as vitals were taken and a bracelet (which she refuses to take off now) was placed on her small arm. Again, she sat quietly and patiently as we awaited a doctor in the kids ER, and when he came Ginny did fuss a bit when we turned her so she could be examined properly, but then immediately calmed down and just let the nice doctor do his thing. She was delighted when the nurse came to give her some Advil (the kid LOVES medicine), and she sat very still for the Xray (which she still talks about). We were probably at the hospital for just shy of 2 hours? And little Ginny marched out on her own two feet, demanding that we taker her to “Army” because she had so been looking forward to church that morning.

How amazing is my little girl? Just a tough little cookie who didn’t let even a broken bone keep her from getting to church on Sunday. It’s been tough at home – a real test of my patience, stamina, and general parenting skills. Most of the time I don’t know what to do for her, but I do it anyways. When she wakes in the middle of the night because she thinks she’s a carrot…well I’ll just go right along with it. When she needs BOTH her music boxes turned on in order to sleep…I’ll turn them on. And I’ve mastered changing her diapers (I do so wish we were out of diapers by now…) while she is standing up so that I don’t have to disturb her shoulder laying her on the floor and picking her up again.

I’m on very little sleep right now, I have no idea when things will get back to normal, and I’m stressed out of my gourd with worry for Ginny and worry for how I will personally get through this. So there’s a lot of praying going on in this house, and a lot of tiny naps, and that pile of dishes has not shrunk much at all since Friday. However Ginny remains ever cheerful, though a little faded, and I’m glad to be her mom even if it is a very difficult position to be in right now.

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Sixty One

Time for a new blog round-up! I have added a few blogs to my reading repertoire, and decided to share the love…

Let’s Just Build a House
This particular blog is a bit different from the usual home-reno blog I read, in that they started from the ground up and actually built their own home. It’s an interested look into just what a new construction home is like, and of course Trina and Adam seem like great people.

To Make a Joyful Noise
This is actually my sister’s blog! She just started it up as a project for school, but she’s hoping to continue it well after. She’s going to be writing about (at first anyways) her experiences in singing worship music in public spaces. I must say, I admire that courage!

A Beautiful Mess
I’m loving all the ideas that this blog presents, but mostly I am just smitten with all the bright colours. On days where I’m not in a reading mood, I’ll just scroll through the pictures accompanying their articles and ooh and ahh over the pretty colours and objects.

And that’s it for today! I hope you take a peek at, and hopefully enjoy reading these blogs as I do. And please! Recommend new ones to me! I’m always looking for more to read – as if the 24 I’m currently checking everyday weren’t enough already :D.



A friend of mine started up a blog recently, and had a really spectacular bucket list posted. This inspired me to finally write down MY bucket list, which I’ve been toying with for a couple years now. Initially when I first found out about the bucket list concept, I shrugged it off as being something for more adventurous people, but why should it be limited to people who dream big and live exciting lives? I may be a homebody, but there are still things that I would love to do. So here we go!

See all the Best Picture Nominees in time for the Oscars.
Travel to England.
Travel to New Zealand.
See a Paul McCartney Concert.
Make pasta from scratch.
Go Disneybounding.
Attend Dapper Day at one of the Disney Parks.
Buy a house.
Do something productive with my art.
Write a novel.
Get fit.
Take a second honeymoon.
Get matching husband/wife tattoos.
Take Ginny to Hogwarts.

I would imagine that this will be an ever-evolving list, and that suits me fine. I can’t wait to see what new ideas and dreams will become important in my life.