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Sixty Eight

Is it time I switched from numbers to proper titles? I have no idea.


1. My all-time favourite movie is Jurassic Park.
I’m unbelievably stoked to go see Jurassic World next month for my 26th birthday! I will also be purchasing the tie-in Lego video game and we will hopefully ship Ginny off for a night so I can pwn some dinosaurz.

2. I always wanted to be a mom growing up (it was my main ambition) but I have next to zero maternal instinct.
Thinking of games to play, making meal times fun, being physically involved…that stuff is all very hard for me. I have to really try at all this mom stuff. I’m beyond thrilled, obviously, to be a mother to my daughter, I’m just finding my experience to be interesting now that I’ve learned my maternal instincts aren’t at prominent as I hoped they would be. It’s a fun challenge to take on each day, making life good for Ginny.

3. I am not ambitious with my art.
I don’t see it going anywhere, and I’m not sure if I want it to. I do the occasional piece for someone, and that’s kind of enough for me at this point. I have no desire to go to school – I have no clue what I would even take – and I have no desires to start up a proper portrait business. For now I’m just happy to do my thing.

4. I have bizarre, eclectic taste in music.
For years I was completely unaware of what ‘the youths of today’ were listening to. Classic rock was my jam (Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, The Stones, The Beatles, etc). I kind of was a music snob, looking down my nose at the popular music of these modern times. But over the past few years, things have changed, and I’m so happy about that. Now in the same playlist I’ll listen to The Guess Who, Miley Cyrus, Sam Smith, Village People, and LMFAO. I’m finding myself unrestrained in my tastes, and willing to try MOST new things. Some stuff I ain’t gonna touch. Country, I’m looking at you. You too, bizarre Christian screamo bands. (I’m 100% out of touch with modern Christian music, by the way…I kinda cringe when we sing new songs at church, and I have no idea who any of the bands of today are. Give me 90s era Michael W. Smith any day, pal.

5. I’m terrified of having to talk to maintenance guys and the landlord.
Our dishwasher has been broken for months, and I’m too scared to deal with it, so I’ve been fervently washing dishes by hand (earning myself an awful and never-ending sore on my arm from dry skin rubbing on the wet metal sink), biding my time until I’m brave enough to get stuff done. Finally on Monday I let Bryan email the landlord and we’re on the list now, so the pressure is both on and off – I’m relieved that it’s now out of my hands, but I need to be prepared at all times for an unexpected knock on the door.

6. I kind of hate playing games!
Obviously not video games, I love those, but board and card games. I get super sleepy whenever I have to play a game, and then I feel bad because I’m not paying attention or I get grumpy or I want to quit. Usually I always end up having fun, but when given the choice, I typically choose not to play.

7. I can’t sleep without a blanket.
It is 948585 billion degrees Celsius in our bedroom at night, yet I continue to sleep snuggled up with my huge fluffy duvet. I don’t necessarily sleep beneath it, in fact I usually just bundle it up and spoon it, but it has to be there. Despite my discomfort in the heat, I have to use that blanket. I tried sleeping under just a sheet the other night, and I just felt so…I don’t know…vulnerable. Is that weird? Probably.

8. I got my ears pierced when I was 11 years old, and stopped wearing my earrings by age 14.
I was like…SUPER allergic to the earrings, I guess. My holes would crust over and bleed everywhere and it was nasty and painful and just awful. I’d been waiting my whole childhood to get those ears pierced, and now I completely regret having it done. I am considering trying a new piercing at this juncture in my life though. I’m thinking maybe a hoop up in the ol’ cartilage. But who knows if I’ll do it.

9. I seriously love all of my friends.
New friends, old friends, ancient friends from babyhood…I love them all. I think about all of my friends and our various histories constantly. No friendship is a regret for me. No friend goes unremembered. I wish our friendships were still strong and I wish that all of my relationships with friends had been lasting (like my camp pals!), but that’s just not how things work. I’m beyond thankful for facebook, and the glimpse it gives me into the lives of friends that I’ve encountered throughout my (almost) 26 years of life.

10. I really like making lists.
I like to come up with my own here and there, but I especially love to copy down lists. I’ll sit down with paper and pen (handwritten is my jam) and just write down literally every monarch of England and before England was even a thing. I’ll write down every single Harry Potter character (books AND movies). I’ll write down the imdb top 250 movies…and then do it again because the list is ever-changing. I’m crazy, guys.

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Sixty Seven

We’ve been playing outside. A lot. Well, I mean, if we had a backyard of our own we’d be playing outside much more, but compared to last year we have been going outside A Lot. Every single day for the past 2 weeks we have gone outside to the park, or just for a walk, and it feels AMAZING. I strap Ginny into the stroller, fill a bag with water and snacks and sometimes toys and colouring equipment, and off we go. My sister hasn’t found a job yet, so she joins us and we are just really having a blast these days.

I need to say this: I ADORE BEING OUTSIDE. Since leaving childhood, I’ve always found myself to be somewhat of an indoor cat (except at Camp), but lately I’ve just been craving the sunshine and fresh – albeit hot – air. I dropped that pantsize i gained recently! I have a mild and oddly placed sunburn! My freckles are out and proud! My skin issues are clearing up! It’s really quite marvelous.

It’s stupid hot in our apartment, but I am really thinking this is going to be a good summer. We already have plans to take Ginny to the waterparks once they open up, and I’m even thinking I’ll drive her myself one day while Bryan is at work! Now THAT is a miracle. I love the summer smell seeping into our home already; a mix of sunshine and grass and sun lotion. I’m just so happy right now.

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Sixty Six

Well…after several years of toying with the idea of business cards – I don’t really have a business, after all, and all my pals know who I am – I finally made some! I had an idea, quickly made it happen, and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. I’m in love with these cards!!! I hope you enjoy them too!

DSCF5190 DSCF5191 DSCF5193 DSCF5194 DSCF5195 DSCF5196These were simple to make. I took some old, abstract watercolour paintings, trimmed them down to fit in our printer, and then quickly ran these off and cut them out. I’m kind of hoping I run out of cards so I have a reason to make more…

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Sixty Five


This ring was my Mother’s Day gift this year, and I’m in love with it. It has a beautiful vintage vibe, happens to have a diamond in it to represent each member of my family, and most importantly, I’m not allergic to it! I actually went and picked it out myself, thinking I was sending birthday money on it but Bryan surprised me by paying for it as a gift. He’s a nice man. It’s nice to have a reminder of my marriage and my family on my finger at all times now.

Sixty Four

I suppose I haven’t posted anything in a while. Things have been relatively busy here, so I have rarely sat down at my computer at all in the past week or so – which is very weird for me. My sister moved in with us! It’s been nice having an extra set of hands with Ginny, but also I’ve really enjoyed just hanging out with her. She’s become one of my closest friends over the years which is something just short of a miracle as we didn’t really get alone at all as kids.

Anyhoo. I popped over to the ol’ blog today because I recently purchased a new skincare product and I wanted to gush about it.


Normally, I use nothing on my skin. I shower 3-4 times a week (sometimes more, depends what I’ve been doing), and typically I just use my shampoo as soap, however I don’t wash my face at all (except with just plain water). I’m lucky in that it takes a lot for my skin to get oily, so I just leave it be. After I got married, for whatever reason my skin began to clear up and now zits and pimples are a rarity. Occasionally I use some St Ives Apricot Scrub, just because I like the feeling, but I’ve never found that it makes any difference.

In the past week, I sprouted 2 pimples and that did not make me happy. I’m not sure what triggered it, but as a third little guy began to make an entrance, I decided to try something new – aka, I was walking through the skincare of aisle of Superstore, saw a peel-off face mask, and thought, “What the heck…let’s give it a try.”

I have used the mask twice since then, and my previous pimples are fading already. More importantly though, that third one that was just starting to break through is now retreating. After using the mask for the first time, my skin immediately looked refreshed and clear, something big because I hadn’t noticed anything wrong with it in the first place. For me to notice a difference, I felt was something significant. I used the mask again at bedtime and that’s when I noticed the acne clearing up. In addition, my skin is extra soft and smells really nice.

IN CONCLUSION! I love this mask, I’m going to continue to use it, and I will likely purchase it again.

I will hopefully be posting again soon – I have an itch to write lately.