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73 – Summer Days

My girl and I love to go to the park. Almost every day after nap time, we head on down the block to the beautiful park that has now become ‘ours’. There’s a small play structure, lots of beautiful trees, good paths, and plenty of open grassy space where we like to lay down or spin or play with a ball. I’m going to be sad, I’m sure, when the weather keeps us from this activity. This has been one of our most enjoyable summers.

Here are some snapshots from our outing yesterday.







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72 – Down The Ancestry Rabbit Hole

After years of considering it, I finally subscribed to and now my life is ruined.

I’m kidding of course…kinda. Staying up until 2am when you have a small child to care for the next day is not exactly the most brilliant of ideas, but here we are! I’m pretty sure the only thing keeping me going today is obsessing over this darn ancestry website, trying to find new family members to add to my tree.

Just in the few hours I was surfing the site last night, I discovered SO many interesting things about my family. I’m learning about insane asylums, lots of people from the UK, and a pretty intense history of The Salvation Army. I bleed red, yellow, and blue, folks. I’ll probably construct another post, detailing a bit of my history, but for now I leave you with a¬†picture of my lovely great-grandmother (Nanny).



71 – Glasses Quest 2015

It has been SEVEN years since my last eye exam, and since the last time I purchased new glasses. This is terrible. Bad Becca. Bad! I’m finally booking a new appointment all these years later and I’m very excited to order my new spectacles soon. Here’s what I’m thinking – please give me your opinions!!






Clearly I’m leaning towards the colour brown. I had brownish frames when I was in my late teens and they were my all time favourite glasses, so I’d like to return to that look if I can. I also clearly like the ‘nerdy’ look – big surprise there (not). I really can’t wait to get this process started (and finished)! I am so ready for this change.

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70 – A Bit of Mac and Cheese

This is a huge recipe. Not that’s it’s terribly complicated, but it makes a lot. Next time I make a batch for just me, I’ll also keep track of the recipe just for that. When I cook, I rarely – if ever – take any measurements. And I almost never make mac and cheese the same way twice. So here we go! Last night’s batch.

1/3 cup finely chopped spinach
1 cup cubed cheddar cheese
1 cup of a shredded cheese blend (I used Italiano)
3/4 cup Cheez Whiz
3/4 cup greek yogurt
2 cups milk
1 tbsp margarine
1/4 cup flour
1 tbsp oil (I use Becel oil)
JUST over 3 cups elbow macaroni
onion powder

Bring to boil a large pot of lightly salted water. Add about oil to prevent pasta from sticking. Cook pasta until just tender (the pasta will continue cooking a bit later on, so don’t over-do it). Strain pasta, leave to the side.

Return pot to the burner, putting the heat at just a bit higher than medium. Drop the margarine into the pot and move it around until it has melted. Add one tablespoon of the flour to this, and stir-stir-stir, until it looks doughy. This is the roux which becomes the base of the sauce.

*Side note* Rouxs are amazing. They can become the base of so many different sauces and it’s such an easy skill to learn, and a great tool to have.

Add the milk to the roux, and stir-stir-stir again. As you’re waiting for the sauce to thicken, add in a pinch each of onion powder and pepper, to taste. If the sauce is not thickening, just continue to add a little bit more of the extra flour on hand. Once the sauce thickens, toss in the spinach, the Cheez Whiz, and the greek yogurt. Get that all mixed up until the Whiz in particular is now creamy. Next, add the cubed and shredded cheeses and mix until they’re completely melted. Finally, you can now add the pasta back to the pot. Combine the pasta and sauce until it is well-coated, and then you’re ready to serve.

This served 4 adults and 1 child, although we didn’t eat anything else with it. We didn’t need to. It was delicious. Also…this is obviously not the healthiest of meals, but with macaroni and cheese I feel like you should go big or go home.

69 – Greek Yogurt

Guys…guys…why didn’t anyone tell me about greek yogurt? I bought a little tub of it on Monday and have been using it in everything. As we speak I have some chicken strips in the oven that are coated with greek yogurt, ranch, and hot sauce. Tonight I’m using it in the cheese sauce for my mac and cheese (which I will also be adding spinach to). Yesterday I finely chopped some leftover fajita chicken, tossed it in the G.Y. and made a really delicious wrap. The day before I coated my chicken breasts in the G.Y., seasoned them, and then gobbled them up because yum! Usually I just use mayo on my chicken breasts, because it makes them juice and the outsides caramelize nicely. I’m guessing G.Y. is a tad healthier than mayo though. Also, we eat a lotta chicken.

Anyways…this stuff will be a staple now. I put the bleep on everything.

And hopefully I’ll keep track of my mac and cheese process tonight so I can share a recipe because I’m good at mac and cheese. It’s famous amongst at least 3 of my friends so like…yeah. Kind of a big deal.

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