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108 – Christmas Memories

I had a HUUUGE long post written before this one, wherein I recalled some treasured Christmas memories in detail. But…before I could finish writing it, the emotions connected to the memories hit me in the feelings and I couldn’t stop crying! And it wasn’t a bad thing, but it meant I had to stop writing, hahaha. So anyways, I’m just going to share photos now without the accompanying words, because pictures say so much anyways.




107 – UPDATE

Since that last post, it has come to my attention that my other Grandmother has been working on an awesome project along with my aunt and a friend of theirs.


My auntie Ruth (left), grandma (middle, and 96 years old!), and their friend (right), have been working over the past few months on knitting 121 blankets to give out to every single resident at local care home in Winnipeg. This is just beyond awesome! This definitely brought a tear to my eye when I saw it shared on facebook, by my cousin.

So many blankets! I definitely have one such blanket made by my aunt when Ginny was born, and I can vouch for the coziness.


106 – The First Night

This has nothing to do with anything, but I want to talk about my first night ever with newborn Ginny.

Ginny was born at 9:37 am, so Bryan and I got to spend an entire day as Us Three. We took turns snuggling our bundle, changing her diapers, and taking naps. When 8:00pm rolled around, as we did not have a private room that first night, it was time for Bryan to leave. I was terrified. We said our goodbyes, and then he left. He LEFT ME ALL ALONE. Bryan walked out that door, drove home, ate food, then collapsed on our comfy bed and slept for like, 12 hours straight. Lucky guy 😉

The nurse looking after us at that time told me that if I wished, she would take Ginny to the nursery for some of the night so I could sleep. I’m always going to be happy that I didn’t end up taking her up on that offer. I had fully intended to send Ginny off! I knew that I needed sleep and I knew that she would be safe without me. But…things changed quickly.

First of all, Ginny never cried. She just…didn’t. When she was hungry or needed a change, she would make gentle mewling-like noises. I had her…bassinet I guess it was, but we called it a bucket because we’re odd like that…bucket near the bed so I would reach in and help her out, whether it was food or cleanliness she was needing. Everything I needed was in arms reach of my bed so I only ever needed to get up when I had to pee.

Ginny and I made it successfully through the first few hours. I began to wonder when the nurse would come take her away for the night. We didn’t have a TV or anything in the room, and I was tired, so while Ginny snoozed in her bucket, I decided to doze a bit. This was hard. Anytime she sniffled or sneezed or flexed an eyebrow, I startled awake. Finally, I decided to just bring her into bed with me so that I would have peace of mind. Which worked!

Together, we snuggled in my bed. I held my little baby burrito close to my body, pulled my blanket over the both of us, and together we slept. It wasn’t the greatest sleep, as obviously I still had to wake for feedings, etc, and whenever she did shift it would stir me, but it was honestly one of the greatest nights of my life. Cradling her little body, smelling her skin, rubbing my face on the delicate knitted toque that some kind lady had made**, and just murmuring to my baby about how much I loved her, was amazing. She never cried, and neither did I, because we were just so utterly happy with one another.

So…yeah. That was my first night with Ginny. She’s awesome.

In other news: Christmas is coming! Duh! But I finished my shopping yesterday, and I’m excited to not have that to worry about anymore. Friday is Star Wars, Saturday is a party for the kids of employees at Bryan’s work, Sunday is the Christmas pageant at church, and then the next weekend is Christmas! I can’t wait to see Ginny’s face when she sees her stocking full in the morning and when she finally gets to tear open those gifts. It’s going to be magical.

Alright. End of post. Toodaloo, folks.

**I am thankful and emotional about the women (and I guess men too?) who knit toques for newborns. My own grandmother used to sit in her rocking chair knitting the softest little hats to give to the hospitals. It’s such a special service, and even though Ginny’s hat wasn’t knitted by MY grandmother, it is still such a special clothing item that we are always going to treasure.

105 – Christmas Pics

The other day, I dressed Ginny up in her new Christmas dress and forced her to sit while I took photos of her. My intention this year was to get a nice photo of all three of us sitting in the snow by a tree, but the snow has been uncooperative this year. It’s getting to be time to send Christmas cards out! So I guess it’s just another solo picture of Ginny again this year (which I’m sure people don’t mind because…come on…she’s adorable). Anyhoozles, here are some of the pictures!






I thought they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. Helps that I was taking pictures of such a cute child. She earned herself a chocolate for sitting so nicely.

Also, the sky was beautiful this morning and I attempted to capture it. I had to tweak it a bit on the computer because my camera sucks and just refused to capture the pinks, but I ended up getting the photo to match the sky pretty accurately. I also enhanced the shadows so the trees were just silhouettes. So, it’s not a great picture, but whatever. I like it.


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104 – Ow

We joined a gym on Friday, and went to work out for the first time tonight. Now, I am laying in bed. My legs and back hurt. But that’s good. We hung out on the treadmills for about 15 minutes, and then I watched Bryan do some leg extensions, and then we both hit up the rowing machines before leaving. All in all, it was a short visit but it did not feel discouraging despite my wheezy breathing and nauseated stomach. I know that signing up for this gym was a good choice that will definitely benefit us. I just kinda wish we’d sprung for the membership that included use of the massage chairs…coulda used one of those bad boys today.

Oh, and my two favourite parts were: the rowing machine because it made me feel like Frank Underwood (House of Cards), and the fact that the Food Network was on one of the TVs by the treadmills so I got to watch Chopped.

Ok. I go sleep sleep now. Toodaloo.