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123 – Sims Series 2

Sooo. Lately I’ve been very much into a specific style of decorating, one that I hope to implement in bits and pieces in my future house. I’m loving gold accents, rich woods, beautiful white paneling, and splashes of fun colour. This house is VERY modern, and I really like how it turned out. Please enjoy!

02-11-16_6-21-09 PM

Street View

02-11-16_6-21-25 PM

Backyard 1

02-11-16_6-21-34 PM

Backyard 2

02-11-16_6-21-44 PM

Backyard 3

02-11-16_6-22-16 PM


02-11-16_6-22-31 PM

Front Entry

02-11-16_6-22-49 PM

Front entry – table for keys, etc

02-11-16_6-23-03 PM

Yoga/Wellness corner

02-11-16_6-23-18 PM

Yoga/Wellness corner – mirrored walls in this area

02-11-16_6-23-40 PM

Living Room – hanging succulents on wall

02-11-16_6-23-43 PM

Living Room – large rug, modern fireplace, shelving

02-11-16_6-23-57 PM

View to living room from front entry

02-11-16_6-24-07 PM

View from living room to yard

02-11-16_6-24-25 PM


02-11-16_6-24-40 PM


02-11-16_6-24-54 PM


02-11-16_6-25-07 PM

Dining/Office area

02-11-16_6-25-14 PM

Bathroom off dining area

02-11-16_6-25-20 PM

Bathroom near yoga corner

02-11-16_6-25-28 PM


02-11-16_6-25-33 PM


02-11-16_6-25-37 PM


02-11-16_6-25-42 PM

Bed, dresser, painting

02-11-16_6-25-47 PM

Walk-in closet/robe

02-11-16_6-25-54 PM

Bed with view to yard

02-11-16_6-26-08 PM

Backyard view into living room


122 – Pre-K & Potty Training

As you probably know, the thought of Ginny attending school has been MAJORLY freaking me out. Like, the topic comes up or the thought pops into my head and suddenly I can’t breathe. So obviously, when I realized that we should really be sending her to some sort of preschool before kindergarten, I freaked out. Understandably.

After doing some internet research, I discovered a school in our area that provides an excellent pre-k program. Not only is it free, but it’s also in a Catholic school which was really a plus for us. We’re not Catholic, but I appreciate sending my child to a school with similar values to the ones that we uphold in our home. Unfortunately however, as I browsed their website, I discovered that they had already been accepting pre-k applications since January, AND they need the kids to be potty trained. I’m a timely person, so the fact that I noticed the January registration in February sent me into a tizzy. And Ginny was certainly NOT potty trained. Fortunately, registrations isn’t actually over until September, but I did feel a sudden sense of urgency.

So we got on it.

I had Bryan call the school last Friday. No answer. No problem! We would try again on Monday. Meanwhile though, potty training had to start IMMEDIATELY. So that’s what we did. On day one, we went through 5 pairs of undies before I quit, and several days passed before I was ready to begin again. We are now on day 6 and things are going GOOOOOD!! Fantastic, even. No accidents all week. I can’t believe how easy it’s been. Here is what we have learned thus far in our pee-pee in the potty adventure:

  1. Your kid has to be ready, but SO DO YOU. A huge part of what has taken so long to get this done, was us not being 100% committed to the cause. The thought of having to clean pee and poo off of everything is not exactly pleasant. Finally though, thanks to pre-k registration, it was the right time for all of us. Ginny took to it immediately, and we only needed to use rewards for one day. I’ve still been giving her a new Shopkin for every day she stays dry, but if I didn’t do that she would be totally fine. **Side note here: I just realized Ginny ate one of my favourite cookies and I think it was the last one…it was a swirly Danish butter cookie. Ugh.**
  2. Don’t get mad! Even on that day where she had 5 accidents, I did not lose it with her. I simply cleaned up, had her assist me and watch, and then gave her a pep talk and encouraged her to try again.

We still have night and nap time to work on, so I’m sure I’ll have more to add when we reach that point.

SO! Monday arrived and obviously Bryan was at work. I never make phone calls. I would avoid phoning my own mother. It scares the poop outta me. I just don’t ever do it. I have never in m life phoned and made an appointment anywhere, nor have I ever called a store or restaurant. But on Monday? I forced myself to call the school to request further information about registration. I DID IT. This is SO unbelievably huge for me, you have no idea. Of course, they told me that I needed to come into the school.

I DON’T GO PLACES. I DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE! I DON’T ADULT. But on Monday? I forced myself to do it. Fortunately my sister was home, so she was able to accompany Ginny and I as moral support, but I did not have to rely on her for help at all (other than when I had her google Bryan’s work phone number because I didn’t have it…BECAUSE I DON’T PHONE PEOPLE). I marched up to the secretary, declared my intent to register my child for pre-kindergarten, and then sat down in the office and did so. I was even hella prepared. I had birth certificates. I had health cards. I had the doctor’s phone number. I had a pen. And a backup pen. It was one of the first times in my life where I had ALL the necessary information to fill out an application to completion.

After we had finished filling out the forms, the secretary (who Ginny thought resembled Amy Poehler) offered to give us a tour of the pre-k rooms. Ginny was SO sweet when we saw the classrooms. She wandered around, careful not to touch anything, and just got so excited about the little chairs and toys and books. “This room is so cool” she told the secretary (who loved her). It was so surreal being in an elementary school. It’s been years since I’ve had to step foot in one (not counting voting back in the fall).

I SO SO SO SO hope that Ginny is given a place in this school’s pre-k program. Everything about it just sounds so wonderful, and the location is convenient, and Ginny loved the school and I loved it too. If I’m going to have to be stepping out of my comfort zone, this is where I want to do so.


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121 – Update Randomnicity


So yeah. That’s me up there. Un-brushed hair, wearing my husband’s Assasin’s Creed shirt (it glows in the dark, btw). I dunno. Life has been weird lately.

I’ve been in such a rut for the past few months. Wonderful things have happened, and wonderful things are in store for us, but that is not necessarily the recipe for being 100% happy. My family is good. My home is good. The weather is good. I’m just blue.

How has this made an effect in my life?

I have done zero personal art in 2016. Zero. I do have a project in the works, but it’s not something I would have have done on my own. This is good! It’s good to be challenged artistically, and this will turn out super cool in the end. But…in my spare time, I haven’t even been doodling. None. Which is weird. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when that finally picks up.

I’ve been feeling lousy in the parenting department. Now, I’m going to stop you right here. Do NOT say, “But Becca, you’re a GREAT mom!” I know this. I know that I provide my child with everything she needs, and some stuff she doesn’t. I make life fun for her. I give her so much love she doesn’t know what to do with it all. HECK! I’ve even finally POTTY TRAINED HER (more on that in another post)! But sometimes, no matter how well things are going, and certainly no matter how many times people compliment your parenting abilities, you still feel like a poop. Lately, I’ve been feeling like a poop. I’m positive every parent feels this way once in a while. Just gotta get through it. Having a child like Ginny, who is intelligent and kind and loves to show me love really helps.

I’ve been eating my feelings again. Ugh. Gotta stop. This blog is truly a testament to my failures in the food department. Every few months I make a sweeping declaring that things will change, but IT IS SOOO HARD!! Still. I am perpetually working on it, and will continue to do so. I’m not discouraged, just frustrated.

Now. On to other stuff.

My hair continues to grow. Obviously. It pleases me greatly whenever I brush it out after a shower, to see the length creeping down my chest. Pretty soon I’ll be at Mermaid Level, meaning I won’t need to wear a shirt anymore since my hair will hide the bazongas. I mean, I’ll still wear a shirt because it’s winter…but I will have the option not to.

Please realise that I’m kidding.

Hmm. What else to talk about. Well in July I’ll be standing up with my BFF at her wedding as her Maid of Honour. I’m pretty nervous for speech-making, and event planning, but I’m also very excited. The dresses are SMOKIN’, guys. We ladies are gonna look hawwwt. I’d like to shed a few inches for the wedding, which I think is a reasonable and attainable goal. My hope is to outshine the bride. Just kidddddding. She’s going to be STUNNING. I can’t wait to share the deets of the shower and bachelorette on here though. Hopefully after the wedding (if I remember to take photos). I have some pretty lofty, pinterest worthy ideas going on in this noggin of mine.

OH MY GOSH! I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION!! I quit biting my nails. Again. Haha. I’m a pro at quitting now. I’m just not a pro at staying quitted. I know that’s not a word. I don’t care.


La la laaaa la la laaa laaaaaaaaaaa. What next what next.

My husband is probably the best guy ever.

My daughter is THE most awesome kid I’ve ever known. She’s hilarious and so much more brilliant than I could have ever imagined. You always hope you’ll have a smart kid, but I am just gobsmacked that I ended up with one of THE smartest kids ever. She can do a bit of simple addition now, can write 90% of her letters from memory, can read the words Cat and Fish, is a pro at writing her name, and can also type her name. Ginny is a natural at video games and computers, and is in love with the world of Peppa Pig.

Oh my gosh! And I registered her for pre-kindergarten! Whaaaaat! I know. Crazy that we’ve reached this point. Prayers and kind thoughts are VERY much appreciated, as we won’t know if she is accepted until June, and then we still have to officially register her in September. I’ll write more about the registration experience another day.

Well. I guess that’s it for today. Just felt like an update was in order. I know my rambly posts are liked, but I do hope to have a tad more structure next time. Toodles, y’all!

120 – Survey Series 2

a– age: 26
b – biggest fear: Awkward social situations
c – current time: 1:57 pm
d – drink you last had/are having: Coca Cola
e – easiest person to talk to: Bryan
f – favourite song: Currently: the finale of Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky
g – ghosts, are they real: Unsure
h – heritage: British in every direction
i – in love with: My husband, Bryan. 
k – killed someone? Nope, not as of yet
l – last time you cried? Yesterday…while listening to Swan Lake, haha
m – middle name: Katherine
n – number of siblings: Ugh. Too many. But seriously, 2
o – one wish: More motivation to do that thingy
p – person who you last called: Bryan
q – question you’re always asked: Worked on any art lately?
r – reason to smile: 
Ginny is POTTY TRAINED!!! Almost. 
s – song last sang: Bing Bong! Bing Bong!
t – time you woke up: 8:50
u – underwear colour: Blue
v – dream vacation destination: England
w – worst habit: Leaving my clothes EVERYWHERE
x – x-rays you’ve had: My back, and abdomen
y – your favorite food: Mac and Cheese
z – zodiac sign: Cancer

119 – Survey Series 1

I’ve been wanting to blog a lot lately, but the stuff going on in life has been too personal. SO! Thus begins a series of surveys to get the creativity flowing. Hopefully.

84 Questions

  1. Put your music player of choice on shuffle and list the first 10 songs
    – Band on the Run – The Langley Schools Music Project
    – Kissing a Fool – Michael Buble
    – Love of My Life – Queen
    – Act II Finale – Spamalot
    – All My Bells Are Ringing – Lenka
    – Folies Bergère – Judi Dench (Nine)
    – Listen – Beyonce (Dreamgirls)
    – September Morn – Neil Diamond
    – On My Own – Lea Salonga
    – The Bishop – Colm Wilkinson (Les Mis)
  2. If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Would you take anyone with you? London, England. The history speaks to me, I’m in love with the monarchy, and I believe it would immediately feel like a second home to me. I would take Bryan or my sister. Though taking Ashley M would be a treat too, since she knows her stuff, has been there before, and we share MANY of the same interests. 
  3. What is your preferred writing implement? (eg. Blue pen, pencil, green pen) Blue pen. It has to write really smooth though, and dark.
  4. Favourite month and why? At this point in my life, I’m partial to September. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and everything starts to get lovely and autumnal.
  5. Do you have connections to any celebrities (even minor)? List them. I know a guy who’s friends with a woman who is married to a Wes Bentley. And I once went to a family reunion which wasn’t for my family where I met the guy who played the hockey coach at the beginning of Happy Gilmore. Oh! And I know some people who used to be the corps officers of James Corden. 
  6. Name 3 items you could pick up from where you are. Xbox controller, bowl of strawberries and cookies, my tablet.
  7. What brand logo is closest to you currently? Alienware.
  8. Do you ever play board games or other non-computer games? Got any favourites? I like Monopoly and Ticket to Ride, and any Scene It game.
  9. A musical artist you love that isn’t well known Can’t answer this. I’m not a music discoverer. 
  10. A musical artist you love that is well known Paul McCartney.
  11. What is your desktop background currently? Picture of my family.
  12. Last person you talked to, and through what you talked to them Ginny…I used my voice. 
  13. First colour name you can think of that isn’t in the rainbow Aqua.
  14. What timekeeping devices are in the room you are currently in? 2 wall clocks (and one even works!), a small alarm clock, the clock on my computer, the clock on my tablet.
  15. What kind of headphones do you use? Skullcandy.
  16. What musical artists have you seen perform live? Paul McCartney, Newsboys, The Suspenders, Trooper, Hedley.
  17. Does virginity matter to you? Yes and No. Yes in that I feel like it is important to save it for marriage (though I hold no judgement on those who don’t), No in that it doesn’t define a woman’s worth or purity.
  18. What gaming consoles do you or your family own? Xbox One, PS2, DS, 2DS, WiiU, GameBoy Colour, GameBoy, Xbox 360, Wii
  19. What pets do you have? What are their names? None and no
  20. What’s the best job you’ve ever had? Camp!
  21. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Shop Easy
  22. What magazines do you read, if any? Hello
  23. Inspiration behind your URL? Been my screenname for years…I like to be on time
  24. Inspiration behind your blog title? Just seemed right? I dunno.
  25. Favourite item of clothing? My jeggings
  26. Are you friends with any exes? No exes
  27. Name at least one book you loved as a child. Little House on the Prairie
  28. What’s your native language? If that language has distinct regional variations, which variation? (eg. AU English, US English) English – Canadian/British
  29. What email service do you use? Gmail
  30. Is there anything hanging on the walls of the room you are currently in? Lots of stuff! Art, clock, photos…
  31. What’s your favourite number, and why? 13, no reason
  32. Earliest moment in your life you can remember? Toddling across the room in my walker.
  33. What did you have for dinner yesterday? Chicken/veg/rice stir fry.
  34. How often do you brush your teeth? Not often enough…I suck.
  35. What’s your favourite candy/chocolate? Coffee Crisp
  36. Have you had other blogs on Tumblr? Do you have any other blogs currently? Just the one.
  37. If you were suddenly really hungry, what would you choose to eat? Mac and cheese.
  38. What fandoms would you consider yourself a part of? Where do I begin…HP, Narnia, LOTR, Crimson Peak, Hamilton, Les Mis, PotO, GoT…
  39. If you could study anything, what would it be? History.
  40. Do you use anything on your lips? (eg. Chapstick, gloss, balm, lipstick) Eos Lip Balms
  41. How would you describe your sense of humour? Eclectic
  43. What kind of position are you in at the moment? Um…cross-legged on the couch.
  44. Do you wear much jewellery? Not really. My ring, sometimes a necklace.
  45. Who is the leader of your country, currently? Any other levels of government with leaders? (State, region, province, county, district, municipality, etc) Justin Trudeau. There are other levels but I’m really not remembering any names right now.
  46. Last 3 blogs on your dashboard, not including any of your own Not answering.
  47. What do you carry your money in? Right now, my jacket pocket.
  48. Do you enjoy driving? Why or why not? Yes and No. Yes, because it can be kind of relaxing sometimes. No because every other driver is a terrifying psycho.
  49. Longest drive you have ever been on? Probably…either Toronto to Maple Creek or Campbell River to Saskatoon. 
  50. Furthest away from home you have ever been? Florida?
  51. How many times have you moved house? Hahahahaaaaaa. It’s like, 20 or something dumb like that. Never lived ANYWHERE longer than 4 years, childhood included.
  52. What is on the floor of the room you’re currently in, not including furniture? Toys…apple juice. 
  53. How many devices do you own which can access the internet? 12?
  54. Is there is anything that is guaranteed to always make you happy? Bryan
  55. Is there anything that always makes you sad? Animals and babies
  56. What programs do you currently have open? Chrome, Libre, The Sims 4, Origin.
  57. What do you associate the colour red with? The blood of angry men.
  58. Last strong smell you can remember smelling? Apple Juice
  59. Last healthy thing you ate? Supper last night
  60. Do you drink tea or coffee, and how much per day? At least on cuppa tea per day. Sometimes more. 
  61. What do you associate the colour blue with? Me.
  62. How long is the closest ruler you can find? Regular ruler length…?
  63. What colour pants/skirt/etc are you currently wearing? Black.
  64. When was the last time you drank water? Last night.
  65. How often do you clear your browser history? Never. It’s my own computer. I got nothing to hide from myself. Plus…I don’t typically do stuff that is necessary to hide.
  66. Do you believe nude photos can be artistic, rather than erotic? Yes, but it’s a fine line.
  67. Ever written fanfiction for anything? BAHAHAHAHA. Yes.
  68. Last formal event you attended Christmas party?
  69. If you had to move your birthday to another date, which one would you choose and why? April 9. Then it would be the same as Bryan’s. Just for convenience. 
  70. Would you prefer to be at a beach or in the countryside? Beach.
  71. Roughly how many people live in your town? I dunno…300 000?
  72. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you? Nilou. Meryl Streep. 
  73. Favourite place to shop? Can be a certain store or a place where there are multiple stores Indigo. Cole’s. HMV. Davids Tea. La Senza. Old Navy. Victoria’s Secret. Wal Mart. Any other book store EVER. 
  74. Do you have a smartphone? What kind? If you don’t, do you want one? Sadly, I do not. I want a iphone, but honestly anything would be good as long as it has a good camera.
  75. What is your least favourite colour, and why? Baby blue is kinda gross.
  76. How do you spell grey/gray? Grey. 
  77. Go to your dashboard and describe the image shown in the radar section (below the “Find blogs” link) Some suburby thingy.
  78. What difference is there between how many followers you have, and the number of blogs you follow? 172
  79. How many posts do you have? 1522
  80. How many posts have you liked? 18 803
  81. Do you post mainly reblogs, or your own content? Reblogs
  82. Do you track any tags? No
  83. What time is it currently? 12:25
  84. Is there anything you should be doing right now? Oh, probably.