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160 – Experimenty

So Ginny going to school has changed a lot of things. Suddenly I need to figure out different meal times because school starts at 12:30 and up til now we ate at about 1. I also need to figure afternoon snacks. It’s a learning process, but we’ll figure it out. I’m thinking we need to institute a regular wake-up time for the first time, so that meals don’t end up being so close together. Since school began we’ve gone to an earlier bedtime, so waking up a bit earlier should work out. We’ll see how it works out.

Recently, I purchased a new mascara and it has turned out to be the mascara of my DREAMS and I’m in love with it. Thus, I have begun to wear makeup every day! Whaaaaaat?! I know, it’s shocking. I never wear makeup unless it’s a special occasion. But I’m really feeling this mascara, guys. And so, as an experiment this week, I’m putting makeup on every single day! I have to leave the house every day to take Ginny to school, so I may as well look fabulous doing so. I guess? Hahaha. Anyways, I typically just apply a pencil eyeliner, smudge it, then reapply a solid line – sometimes with a bit of a cateye. Then I curl my lashes and apply the mascara (Maybelline Great Lash), and dab a bit of cream under my eyes because I always have bags ALWAYS. That’s it.

I also now have a reason to get dressed every day. Which is nice and not. I basically live in my pajamas so trying to figure out clothing each day is kind of annoying. But I’m trying. But not trying too hard because I wear a jacket so nobody sees my shirt anyways. I could go without a shirt, really. I feel like topless moms are frowned upon in elementary schools though, so I probably won’t attempt that. Dignity. Respect. Class. I’m all about those.

Another recent thing/experiment: for the past month I’ve been participating in Inktober and it has been AMAZING. Being forced to draw something new each day has been great for the creative juices. I feel happier and more inspired. Initially I was certain that I would burn out after a couple days, but I’m so close to the finish line now!! I think there are a few reasons why this has been a successful venture for me. 1. I chose one subject to focus on all month, and it is one that I really like. I think had I ventured too far out of the comfort zone, I would have failed. 2. I didn’t put too much pressure on myself. Earlier in the month I had to miss a few days because of travel, but I knew that I could always catch up later (which is what I did). 3. I planned out each day in advance. I have a huge list that I get to check a name off of every day, which is very satisfying. It also makes me excited when I know a character I love it forthcoming. Planning is key!

Well. I guess that is it for today. I don’t really have a lot to say, but felt like writing a bit. I’m considering trying out a writing challenge for November. Not NANO again since I fail miserably at that every year, but just a writing prompt challenge. I love writing, but don’t do it nearly enough.



159 – School Hair

As you probably know if you’ve been a regular, my four year old daughter started pre-kindergarten in September. In a word, it’s been: amazing. I get a solid 2.5 hours to myself, Mon – Thur, and Ginny gets all the socializing and edumacation her heart desires. Super bonus too, is she’s at Catholic school so she’s learning strong Christian values as well. Her school is amazing in so many ways that I can’t go into because of maintaining privacy, but I never would have imagined we’d be in a district with such a top-notch school.

Because we have the time to do so, every day I try to send Ginny to school with a new, functional hairdo (which she immediately rips out the second she gets home). She hates having her hair pushed behind her ears, so tying it up is necessary so that she isn’t pushing it out of her face all day or dipping it into paint (whether by accident or otherwise). I’m also documenting these hairdos so that I can reference them later when I’m not feeling creative and also because she’s so darn cute. Maybe on more complicated days I’ll also do a tutorial, but so far it’s been simple. Please enjoy!


Simple Ponytail


Piggies and Pony


Double Pony


Double Braids and Pony


Braid on top (hard to see) and Pony


Double Braids (for picture day!)

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