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162 – A Christmas Wreath

So last night we stopped in at Canadian Tire so that Bryan could get some new shoelaces and so that we could buy some skates for Ginny. Sadly, they did not have the skates we needed. But! Bryan did find his shoelaces, and also snagged an AMAZING deal on a hockey helmet. And best of all, while he was trying on helmets, Ginny and I got to peruse the Christmas stock and oh boy. I was so excited. SO MANY THINGS ON CLEARANCE. GAH! I picked up a few goodies, including a cool geometric/gold tree, a festive table cloth, and some stocking stuffers, but the most significant item I found was a wreath.

The wreath was plain, just green branches and pinecones. Nothing special about it at all really, other than the fact that it was only $7. I found some adorable twine-ball lights (battery operated and $3) and wrapped them around the wreath. I LOVED the look of it immediately. This was how it looked set up and lit last night.


You may think I was being creative, hanging it on the curtain but it was the only place available. I tried hanging it on the front door but that made it so the door wouldn’t shut and we’re not the type of folks who like to just leave our door open. In the end, however, I really really love how this looks. SO MUCH.

This morning I was so pleased to walk out into a tidy living room and see this hanging up. However, I felt like it needed just one more element. We’re not putting up a tree this year, as we won’t be home for Christmas and honestly I didn’t want the hassle of putting it up and feeling disappointed once again that it’s so small (but there’s no point in getting a bigger one until we get a bigger place – or find an amazing deal). Anyways, because there’s no tree, that meant I have a bin of ornaments just collecting dust, so I decided to utilize some.

Growing up, my mom would purchase each of us a new ornament each year, and when the season ended she would tuck them away in individual bins labelled with our names. She also supplemented each bin with some older, random decorations that had accumulated over the years, all so when we grew up and left home we would have a homey start to our Christmas decorating. I love my little bin (minus the year I FOUND A DEAD CENTIPEDE IN IT – we called it Santapede), but I especially love that my mom put in a bunch of vintage wooden ornaments because they were some of my favourites growing up and I think they are just the cutest.

Obviously, since I’m rambling about them, the vintage ornaments are what I stuck in my wreath.


I love the look of it. It went from looking acceptably nice to, in my opinion, delightfully whimsical. It’s a perfect way to display these ornaments which are so special to me!

In other news, I did another DIY! I’ve been busy, apparently. So back in like…April, I bought a canvas (like painting canvas not just fabric) letter J to decorate as a wedding gift for some friends. I then promptly forgot about it forever. Yesterday I noticed it in the corner, watching me, and decided that it was time to do something. I had leftover spray paint from the wedding shower Quidditch hoops, so I sprayed the J.


This is my spraying set up. It is 100% less than ideal, but whatever. Also, I forgot about these other things I sprayed and they spent the night out there. Oops. Fortunately they’re scrap anyways that I’m just trying to revamp. I used a Rustoleum spray, by the way, which I can’t recommend more.

Next, and I didn’t take any photos of the progress because I was in a hurry, I painstakingly hot glued sequins to the J, and then used a toothpick to individually apply little tiny stars. It was really fun!! Here’s the finished product.


Coming up in a week or so, I’m hoping to do a Christmas craft featuring pennies, so stay tuned for that!

Also, here’s Ginny wearing a tree skirt. Just because.


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161 – List Writer

I’m sure this is no secret to anyone, but I’ma say it anyways: I LOVE WRITING LISTS. It’s a hobby of mine and has been for many years. Sometimes I make up my own lists but more often than not I am copying them down off the internet. This is an activity that I find to be very relaxing. Earlier in the year I purchased a pretty notebook which I have dedicated to filling with various lists, and today I’m going to share a peek inside.



The infamous list book.


Table of Contents. I simply add to it after I’ve completed each list.¬†

And above are some examples of what my lists look like. I try to use all capital letters, only varying from that if I’ve been writing for a really long time and need a break (which has happened only 8 times). I alternate different coloured pens just because I like how it looks. Most lists use only one colour, but that is not always the case. Just depends how creative I’m feeling.

There are a variety of topics represented but the majority would fall under Monarchies, Movies, and Characters. Basically, I write a list based on what I’m feeling in the moment. Yesterday I wrote 7 lists. They were: movies I like (which is a list I will add to), First Ladies of the USA, List of US States and when they joined, Gilmore Girls characters, countries of the world, spouses and legitimate children of English monarchs, and English monarchs. There is no rhyme or reason to any of this. It took me 3 evenings to complete my list of Popes, which took 10 pages. It was preceded by episodes of Star Trek Voyager, and followed by a list of Russian monarchs.

At this point, I am currently just filling in page 143 (I number each and every page by hand). This is list number 48. If you are weird and count the list names in my table of contents that number will be higher, but that’s because there are 6 or so pages that contain failed lists, or I was suddenly hit by artistic inspiration and had to sketch something quick.

I’m really looking forward to finishing filling this book out. Right now I’m about halfway through!

**In case you were curious, the lists I’ve previewed in the photos are:
Norwegian monarchs
Countries of the world
Harry Potter books/chapters
Voyager episodes
My Little Pony characters
AFI Villains
First Ladies
200 Movies
Spouses/legitimate children of English monarchs
Movie taglines
US states and when they joined
Russian monarchs
US presidents
Disney movies – next page is Best Picture winners
Disney movies
Best Actress winners

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