164 – A Chore Chart

So about a week and a half ago, I decided it was time to implement a chore chart. I grabbed a big piece of paper, cut it to fit in this cabinet (we have so many other Ginny items hanging out in the open, I really needed this to be hidden for my sanity), and just quickly wrote out the four columns. Nothing fancy because it really didn’t need to be fancy. I only had a very loose plan for this, but thus far the project has been very successful!


As you can see, Ginny does the check marks herself. Something I’ve noticed since she began school is that she likes to check and x things when they’re good or bad, so I figured that a check mark system would be good. Also, I couldn’t find any stickers.

So her chores are:
Clearing dishes. This includes hers always, and ours when we ask her to. This is something she has always been good at but now she is excited to get a check after and does it with more gumption.
Putting away toys. This is a big one. We actually keep very few toys out in our living room, but she is allowed to bring things out from her bedroom so long as she takes them back after. Unfortunately she doesn’t always remember to do this, and quite honestly I don’t like cleaning up her blocks and barbies so I end up leaving it as well. Now with our chart in place though, she’s been a lot better about obeying when it’s clean up time. We still have work ahead of us because she likes to bargain and compromise on certain items, but we’ll get there.
Clearing garbage. This includes snack wrappers, yogurt containers, and food bits. Eventually I’d like her to just be picking up any bits of garbage she sees anywhere in the apartment, like a stray toilet paper roll or a gum wrapper or something, not just her own mess. She is very good with this chore.
Random acts. This covers any acts of kindness that she thinks of on her own. Recent examples are passing Daddy the cord for the block heater without being asked, or offering to clear our dishes, or throwing out the empty margarine container that I left on the counter. These random acts can be simple and small, or bigger and more heartfelt. She is a very kindhearted child, and I’m pleased that I can reward her for this.

Which brings us to what she earns for filling in her chore chart: nothing, so far, other than praise. I have a container of unopened random McDonalds toys that will act as rewards should we feel the need, but so far just adding her checks and hearing how proud and happy we are with her seems to be enough. I’m very lucky to have such an amazing kid.


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