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163 – No Pennies, Xmas, and Drawcember

So. In my last post I mentioned that a craft featuring pennies was forthcoming.


Basically…pennies are A PAIN IN THE BUTTOCKS. I tried to clean my dang pennies so many flipping times and basically a small handful look shiny and beautiful and the rest are blue so. Yeah. Maybe I’ll try something again another time but for now UGH.

Instead of doing a penny craft though, I made a Nativity painting. I am ever on two quests: The first it to create a stylized Nativity that I can perhaps one day make into a print. The second is to actually purchase a Nativity, either a modern minimalist version, or a very classic old fashioned one. Anyways, I managed to paint something this year that I’m really pleased with!


It’s simple, and (I think) pretty. I hope to expand upon this idea as time goes on. Perhaps in time for next Christmas I will have it refined enough to make prints.

And…like…it’s almost Christmas. Every year it creeps up SO FAST and every year I’m surprised by that for some reason. When I was a kid it seemed to drag, but that was probably due to school and my parents being insanely busy doing Christmas hampers and kettles and all that.

Our shopping is almost complete. I’m really excited because we did a lot of it online which meant avoiding those stinky crowds. I’ve hit the mall a few times over the past few weeks and it’s been ok, but when you’re still limping a bit in a space congested with people (who all seem to be oblivious to the fact that there are other people around them), it’s not so much fun.

Speaking of limping…my ankle is doing GREAT. I have my final physio tomorrow and so long as that goes well I AM DONE WITH THE DOCTORS. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Anyways. Christmas. We leave on the 23rd to see my parents and I’m very excited. This will be the first year that my sister’s fiance is there also, so it’s going to be a fun crowd all packed into their house. I’m not super thrilled to be crammed on a double bed with Bryan, but at least I love him so snuggling won’t be the worst thing. We’re going to be hauling a full car out there, and I’m really praying that the roads are clear. We’ll leave as early as we can stand to in the hopes of making it to town before dark, but I’m not holding my breath on anything. Fortunately my parents live really close to the edge of the city, so we won’t have to traverse downtown Winnipeg after a long day of wind and snow on the prairie highways.

Back in October I participated in Inktober. This month, I decided to tackle Drawcember. Here’s what I’ve done so far!

I’m really enjoying this exercise in developing a particular style. Also snowflakes are a pain to draw over and over. I don’t even bother trying to get creative with the design of them. Also I’m rapidly running out of paper. Also also! I have sold 2 of these already which is so encouraging.

ANYHOOOOOO. That’s it for today. See ya!



129 -Tea Time

I’m sitting here in my living room, cup of tea in hand, and kind of wishing I had someone to chat with. Things have been…thingy, lately. Since I do not have another adult here to talk to, and Ginny is seriously occupied possibly flooding the bathroom, I shall blog.


Look! I even got dressed for this event. My new Old Navy clothesies. A sweater to match my mug.

Things with Ginny were very seriously HARD for a couple months. Those difficulties aren’t just disappearing now, but the load does seem to have lightened. Basically, she has been testing the boundaries, seeing how far she can push us. She would refuse to eat, refuse to listen, refuse to stop pestering. The constant pressure is finally subsiding and I can finally breathe again!

And look! Look how cute she is.


She’s the sweetest little girl. Ever.

She’s also just being a boss at potty training. We rarely need to deal with accidents, and she herself has decided that naptimes can be done sans pull ups. Most days, she also wakes up either dry or with evidence of only one nighttime peepee. So that is GOOD. I’m very nervous to take the pull up away completely, as laundry is complicated, but I’ve been stockpiling clean bed sheets for her in preparation. And of course, we have a rubber thingy over the mattress.


Our tax return came in! Bryan and I decided that it was time for a new bedroom TV, so we picked up a 40″ that was $100 off regular price! Score! Plus, as per my request, it is a smart TV. I’m very happy to finally be able to watch Netflix and movies in bed without having it be a whole production of input switching and awkward computer/xbox controls. And since we were over by Best Buy anyways, I also slooped into Old Navy and bought some jeggings (which are identical to a pair I already own and I loooove them), some short-people skinnies which aren’t that skinny but I like ’em, a tshirt, and a sweater. OH! And an Easter dress for Ginny. I’ll have to be sure to take pictures of her in it, because she’s just the sweetest thing.

In other news! I’m working on an art piece that will be auctioned off in support of refugees coming to Saskatoon. The theme is Literary Heroes, so I chose to depict CS Lewis and his amazing creation, Aslan. The Narnia series is by far one of my favourites, and has always held a very special place in my heart.


Well. This was just a short visit. My tea is getting cold so I’d better gulp it down before I forget about it. It was a pleasure chatting with you! #dorkalert


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125 – Art Progression

The other day, I decided to redraw an old picture to see how far I’ve come over the years. Here is the reference photo:


Here is my drawing from 2002:


Here is my drawing from the present day:


Here’s a side by side by side comparison:


It’s really rewarding, personally, to look at this. Obviously I’m aware that my skills have gotten better over the years, especially since I was 13 years old, but to see the same picture recreated really hits it home. I’ve filled countless sketchbooks, gone through hundreds of pencils, experienced failures and successes. This comparison shows me that I’m doing the right thing. It shows me that one failure means nothing in the grand scheme of things. I don’t know where art will take me (if anywhere), but I do know that drawing and painting are what I’m meant to be doing.

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124 – Updates

First Thing:
Potty training continues to go well. Ginny took to it like a champ. We get the occasional accident, of course, but she is so chill about it and never hides the fact from us. We’re still not ready to train her for nighttime and naptime yet, but I’m sure when the time comes, she’ll take it pretty well.

Second Thing:
I’m OBSESSED with tea. Here is a list of the teas I have in my cupboard, because I know you’re interested, obviously.
For the Tassimo –
– Tim Horton’s Steeped Tea
– Tetley Green Tea
In Tea Bags –
– Tetley Orange Pekoe
– Lipton – English Breakfast, Mint Green Tea
– Stash – Christmas Morning, White Christmas, Holiday Chai, Decaf Lemon and Ginger
– Twinnings – Pure Camomile, Honebush/mandarin/orange, Earl Grey, Goodnight Blend, Lemon and Ginger, English Breakfast
Loose Tea –
– DavidsTea – organic mother’s little helper, organic the skinny, jumpy monkey, strawberry rhubarb parfait
– Epicure – Creme de la creme Earl Grey
– NourishTea – Canadian Breakfast
– London Tea
– Earl Grey
– Taylor’s of Harrogate – Yorkshire Gold
– Tea Squared – Kombacha Detox, Imperial Earl Grey (and I recommend Breakfast in Paris)
I have a BIT of a problem. Seriously. I had to force myself to avert my eyes as I walked through the tea section at Sobey’s today. THEY WERE ALL ON SALE TOO! Ugh. Wanty want. I drink tea all the freaking time. And I just got a rad and ginormous Little Mermaid mug, plus a cute penguin steeper. I cannot wait until we live in a proper house and I can set up a little tea section in my kitchen to display all my little tins and such.

Third Thing:
I’ve got my art mojo back! Here are my latest creations:


I just completed a major project, have a minor one to finish up, and then I’m happy to say that I will be putting NOTHING on my plate for quite some time, other than personal works like those above. I want to really hone my talent, and really develop my personal style which I can already feel evolving. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming post about personal progress in regards to art. Also also…I need to find a way to sell some of this stuff. I’m running out of paint real fast over here.

Fourth Thing:
I went shopping on Saturday and got some great deals. Literally any time I go shopping though, I ALWAYS get deals. I am magical like that. Example: Over the Christmas holidays I went shopping with my Ma and sister and ended up bringing home a Queen sized duvet cover for $20 – originally it was $80, I believe. Well…this past Saturday? I got a Twin size duvet cover (why do I need so many duvet covers? Bryan and I don’t share a blanket in bed, and my queen-size duvet kept hanging over the side and kinda tugging me with it, as well as tangling my sheets. I swapped to a twin and life has been wonderful.) for $20 again…MARKED DOWN FROM $180!!! First of all…$180 for a TWIN? That’s stupid. Second of all, it’s super pretty and will probably look fab in Ginny’s room one day. I also took advantage of Bath and Body Works and they’re ridiculous 10 for $35 soap sale and bought a buttload of soaps. I also got my Little Mermaid mug, plus 2 Game of Thrones mugs for a steal at HMV. All drinkware was buy 1 get 1 40% off. Score. What else what else. I don’t know, but I always feel so elated once I complete a successful afternoon of shopping.

Fifth Thing:
My sister had cable re-installed in the apartment, so that is super awesome. Cable is one of those things where when I have it, I love it, but if I don’t have it, then it’s really not a big deal. But yeah…I love it. Maybe I’ll do a post on my new fav shows because so much has changed since we got rid of cable!! I am also just BEYOND thrilled to have the Food Network back. I missed you, Rachel and Bobby and Alton and Guy and Nigella and Ree…time for me to get inspired!

Sixth Thing:
In regards to my mission to have bi-weekly menus done up all the time – this has been a TRULY successful venture. We have completed one full month and are just at the beginning of a new two week period right now, which I shopped for this afternoon. We got veggies and fruit out the wazoo – and I already have it ALL chopped and bagged for easier access for snacking and cooking. Ginny wants some cucumbers? BANG! Just toss a bag at her. Speaking of Ginny, I like to ask her if there’s anything she wants and she almost always exclusively lists off different veggies and fruits. She’s such a good girl. She also usually says McDonald’s, but can you blame her? I know it’s 12:20 am right now, but I would kill for a cheeseburger. Anyways, I’ve become a boss at grocery shopping and meal planning and now prep has been added to the repertoire and seeing all those baggies resting neatly in the fridge drawers really warms my heart. I strive to be an organized person, and while there are many areas where I need to really work, my kitchen is really doing absolutely fantastic. It’s a dinky, awkward kitchen, but I make it as functional as possible. Still, I absolutely 100% cannot wait to have a proper kitchen in a house that is MINE and where I can renovate so that it suits my needs.

Ok. That’s enough. I’m tired. My feet are cold. Gonna go put my icy toes on Bryan’s back and hope that some of his warmth has seeped over to my side of the bed. The downside to not sharing blankets, is I have to be responsible for my own warmth. The upside? Everything else. We started the separate blankets deal just a month or so into marriage, and it was one of the best decisions. Bryan is a human space heater, and I am a human icicle so him being under my 32 blankets was not practical, nor was it practical for me to be smushed up against his hot body all night, trying to steal his warmth (I mean that hot body comment in several ways *wink wink*). So anyways…the two blankets is something I always recommend to people because it’s awesome.

NOW I’M REALLY DONE! Seriously. Once the rambling floodgates open, they really just do not want to shut.


101 – NANOWRIMO 4, etc.

Well…there has been zero progress. ZERO. I made it to 10,000 words and hit a massive concrete wall. And honestly? I don’t seem myself recovering. It’s a shame, but! I’m proud of the progress that I did make. I am still hopeful that I may pick up the pen again, so to speak, but I won’t hold my breath.

In other news…

I finally have my living/dining/kitchen rooms looking the way I want them to. It involved finally just giving up on the toys and tucking them all away into Ginny’s bedroom. She’s much more into video games at the moment anyways – an activity we are currently encouraging because it’s improving her finger dexterity and problem/puzzle solving. Seriously…the kid is beating this game ALONE and she’s only 3. And it’s a newer Mario game – one that I personally struggle with.

I’ve been REALLY trying at eating better lately and it’s been going well. For a few weeks I was staying up every night til 2 or 3, and since I changed my diet things have been going better. I try not to drink any caffeine after 7 (thankfully Tetley makes a lovely decaf tea), no big snacks, and I’m trying to give myself healthier options for lunches and suppers. I’m also attempting to curb my picky habits…I’m the type who doesn’t like to eat something unless I’m in the mood for it. I am making progress. In a couple weeks Bryan and I are finally heading out to get a gym membership. We figured we should do this NOT in January, as that feels like a good way to fail, not to mention that is what basically everybody does. I’m looking forwards to evenings spent sweating my face off with my sweet husband as we both work on getting fit. Feels good to have the money set aside for this purpose already. NO BACKING OUT!!

Christmas shopping…I’ve made a dent in it. For some reason, despite my artisticalness, I rarely do homemade gifts. This year, so far, I have 3 paintings completed to give to people! I even bought frames for them!! Here’s one:


A family tree for my mother-in-law. I’m really REALLY hoping that I’ll have a reason to update it in the near future. NOT BECAUSE I’M EXPECTING! Hahahaha. Nor am I planning to. But because I want my brothers and sisters in law to have babies. I have one nephew, and he is ridiculously adorable. I want more!

I’m hoping to perhaps make a couple more gifts to give out, and after Christmas I’ll share them all here on the bloggiewoggie.

That’s it for now, I suppose. I have some water to drink and maybe a nap to take??!


90 – Odds and Ends

I finished my Red Riding Hood Project! It is a relief and a half, I tell you. Midway through, I discovered that my due date was not what I thought and then I got artist’s block. I’m the type of artist who can’t work unless I’m really feeling it, so this was bad. I would look at the list of images to get done and feel hopeless. But! It’s finished now! Here are the grandmother, evil author, huntsman, and big bad wolf (which I’m REALLY proud of).

evilauthor grandma huntsman bigbad

Now that it’s all finished, I can relax a bit, which will definitely be good. I’ve been sick since Saturday and being stressed out isn’t really the key to getting well. I was hit by a cold which turned into throwing up and then a cough (which is only just now leaving me). I’ve been exhausted all week and have had little to no motivation to get anything done. I’m glad I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, however, because we leave on Monday for our wee Moose Jaw getaway and I am SO looking forward to it.

In Ginny news…we’re working really hard lately on getting her to listen and obey. She’s in that stage of life where cleaning up isn’t high on her list of priorities, much to my annoyance. I do not mind a bit of clutter here and there – I like my home to feel lived in and I feel like seeing physical representations of each of us around the apartment contributes. Example: I leave books and art supplies everywhere, I often find Bryan’s socks scattered throughout, and from Ginny we get toys and stickers and crayons. It’s nice and it makes home feel like him. But…toys EVERYWHERE is not cool. And she likes small toys that impale your feet when you inevitably step on them. She is learning though, and I am remaining persistent in my efforts to teach her to mind me. It involves a lot of repeating myself, time outs, and toy confiscations, but I am finally beginning to see a bit of progress, so I’m pleased.

I know this isn’t exciting, but I bought a dayplanner over the weekend and seeing each day carefully organized with stickers and meticulous scheduling makes me happy. It also makes me wish I got out more, so I’d have more to write in it. For now I’ve settled for every birthday imaginable, every movie release from now until Christmas 2016, and I’m trying to keep track of what we eat everyday – and will eventually write my menu in as well (I’ve been too sick this week to bother meal planning).

Shows I’m watching: Hart of Dixie, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The League

And thus ends this bloggy blog update. I imagine I’ll update again after our little trip – hopefully I remember to take my camera. Toodaloo.

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85 – New Goal

So the Comic and Entertainment Expo was this past weekend and I am super bummed that we didn’t go. It’s definitely on the schedule for next year, because from the all the photos I’ve seen, it looks like a great time. I really enjoyed bumping into obvious Expo-goers over the weekend – saw Loki and Venom at Walmart and a woman wearing the most incredible Beauty and the Beast shirt ever at Wok Box.

Seeing and hearing about all this stuff got me to realize something: Not only do I want to attend, but at some point I’d like to get a booth and sell my wares. This is now a new long-term goal of mine. I will need a few years to build up stock and find a suitable location for making prints, as well as resupplying my paints and paper and finding deals of frames and other items I may need. As soon as the idea for this popped into my head I got excited. 95% percent of what I do is basically aimed at the nerd world and it just sits on a shelf collecting dust, so this would be a great opportunity to ‘get rid of it’.

So that’s my new goal, and I like it, and I hope I achieve it.

In other art-related news…I recently completed a large project for my dad and just below this blurb I’m going to post a picture of one of the elements! He wanted a short comic depicting a vision of his, as well as a portrait of him and Jesus. Normally comics are not up my alley, but every once in a while God taps me on the shoulder and says, “You got this,” and that’s what happened this time. I did struggle, but it wasn’t as hard as I’d been anticipating. It’s always so exciting when I feel God using me and this was one of those times.


I’m now working on a second huge project which is for my brother and sister in law. Every year they do up a really intense haunted house for Halloween and this year’s theme is like a twisted Red Riding Hood deal. Mike asked me if I’d like to do some illustrations for it and though I was hesitant to take on something like this right now (takes up time and is out of my comfort zone and I’m not charging them because I’m nice), but I’m glad that I ended up saying yes. I’ll update with my progress later on, but these are the images I’ve created so far:

11999581_10156137432450565_5535086294230064505_o 11999838_10156139706995565_7280930176721944266_o

That’s it for today I guess! Toodles.

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Sixty Six

Well…after several years of toying with the idea of business cards – I don’t really have a business, after all, and all my pals know who I am – I finally made some! I had an idea, quickly made it happen, and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. I’m in love with these cards!!! I hope you enjoy them too!

DSCF5190 DSCF5191 DSCF5193 DSCF5194 DSCF5195 DSCF5196These were simple to make. I took some old, abstract watercolour paintings, trimmed them down to fit in our printer, and then quickly ran these off and cut them out. I’m kind of hoping I run out of cards so I have a reason to make more…

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