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152 – Pokemon Going

When Pokemon Go was released, I was indifferent. I was never into Pokemon as a kid so it didn’t personally excite me, but I could see why others were getting their knickers in a knot. As the first few days of the app passed, I kept reading more and more about how people were making new friends, getting active, and learning more as they explored their cities. By the time the app was ready for Canada, I had changed my tune and I was ready to play.

It has been, in a word, amazing. I’m walking several kilometers every single day, and when I miss it I feel sad. The Pokemon and items I collect on my walk are merely a perk, I’m discovering, as I really enjoy being outside most of all. I’ve lost 3 pounds this week, I’m getting a healthy glow from the sunshine, my skin feels great, and I’m inspired to eat better. The game is really fun too though, and I’m loving spending time with my family and friends as we capture little monsters through the city.

Here are some photos I’ve taken on our Pokemon adventures.

We’ve been exploring a few parts of the city that I was previously unaware of. Everywhere we go, we find fellow Pokemon trainers. The other night I was out with my siblings and a couple other guys in a very quiet park in town, and a group of 23 other people joined us! Last night we went to the river and the Pokemon trainers were EVERYWHERE. I have never seen the park that crowded before when there wasn’t an event going on. We were a group of 6, but there were larger packs roaming around as well. It was so much fun.

In conclusion: Pokemon Go is amazing, if you’re not being a butt head about it. Watch where you’re going, be aware of your surroundings, and respect private property. 9/10 you can collect what you need without trespassing, and that 10th time it is not the end of the world to not collect something.

PS: My husband is the best. I woke up this morning to him standing next to my side of the bed with a tea from Tim Horton’s. He also got me a butter croissant. My mood is stellar now because of that guy!


144 – Progress

I am down 3 pounds, and this is very exciting. Every little bit counts and serves as motivation to lose more. I am finding it a little harder to keep going with my workouts, but I AM keeping it up.

On Saturday I did some meal prep/planning. Normally I don’t bother with making meals ahead of time, as it’s hard to find meals that I can reheat that I actually like, but I did find a couple things on ol’ Pinterest that I decided to try. They’re not going to be the healthiest of meals, but they’re going to keep us from picking up from McDs or whatever when it’s a busy day, and that’s important. I made chicken pot pies, pizza pockets, and I prepared and froze some hamburgers. I also took the time to, as usual, chop up all my veggies so that they’re handy for meals, but I also separated all the chicken breasts before freezing them so that we can portion them out better when it comes time to cook. I’ll also be cooking several to keep in the fridge for wraps and salads. Things be good.

What else is good? I’ve been eating breakfast most days. When I was 12, we moved to Toronto and I stopped eating breakfast. Up until that point I was a cereal gal, and I absolutely loathed Ontario milk. So no more breakfast for Becca. Even after moving away from Ontario, I still declined to eat breakfast in the mornings. Over the past month or so though, I’ve been making an effort to change that. Here’s my typical breakfast:


Ignore the amount of ketchup on those eggs…I accidentally squirted out too much. But yeah. Two eggs, scrambled, and a piece of toast with margarine. It’s not the healthiest breaky on the planet, but it’s better than nothing. And I make DARN good scrambled eggs, if I do say so myself. And I do. Seriously…so delicious.

Anyways, that’s a minor update. I’m hoping to see more progress! Today is nice and cool, so hopefully I don’t burn out so quickly during my sit ups and squats today.

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142 – Still Trucking


Yep. Still keeping up my new fitness routine. I did the abs stuff enough that finally my abs aren’t on freaking fire anymore, and I can laugh without crying in pain. Once I reached that point, I added in a new routine – a Captain America shield workout. It’s good. Involves squats and weights and now I am experiencing burning thighs and tight arms and I like it a lot.

It’s tough though, to keep going through this heat. Our apartment is so warm. It means I get my sweat on, but it also means I’m just so exhausted all the darn time. However, I am pressing on. 11am every single day I roll out my mat, start breathing like a creepy person over the phone, and attempt to make these changes  in my life that I so very much need.

It’s going well. It’s hard. I’m doing it though.


141 – Yaaa

So. No weight loss yet. Obviously, hahaha. It’s been 5 days, and I don’t have Jillian Michaels screaming in my ear. But! I maintained physical activity, even through the weekend, and today I decided to invest in my physical health a bit and I bought a couple small weights and a yoga mat. Now, I hate yoga. I just do not enjoy it one bit. I bought the mat so I’ll finally stop sliding all over my living room when I’m trying to plank or do mountain climby thingies.

Basically this was just a quick checking in post to keep myself motivated and accountable. Let’s keep doing this, Me!!

Oh and also, my yoga mat is super cute. I bought it specifically because it’s cuter than my sister’s yoga mat. In your face, Sarah. (Also, my weights are 1lb heavier than hers…just one-upping her in every way now.)

140 – OK. Ok. OK.

*Insert ramble about how I suck at exercising and I’m trying to get back on track…again*

So right now, I have a REAL goal to work towards. Not just some random date selected because I think it’s a decent time frame. No, I want to lose a bit around the midsection and I only have until July to do this. Why? Because I’ma be a bridesmaid! And I want to look lovely in my dress. I’ve been procrastinating ever since purchasing the dress, but now it’s finally time to get into gear.

Will my efforts take this time? Maybe. Just maybe. Why? Because of the following reasons.

  1. The dress looks good no matter what, so no pressure.
  2. I’ve been doing really good in regards to junk food. I falter sometimes (now is one of those times), but then I get back on track far more easily than I ever did before.
  3. I came across a youtuber with workout videos that I actually enjoy. I did her Iron Man Abs workout today, and while I didn’t complete it 100%, I didn’t feel discouraged and I did considerably better than I’ve done with any other videos.
  4. I have a gym membership. I don’t use it nearly enough, but I will. It’s all a matter of making time, and I think now is the time.
  5. I have so many inspiring friends who make me want to do better! From my runner friends, to my beachbody friends, they all make me want to be a better me. I never feel jealous, I never feel less adequate. I just feel like I want to be healthier physically, and seeing all the photos on facebook help me to get motivated.

Now. This is hard.

I took some really cruddy ‘before’ pictures and I’m going to share them here. Here we go. I guess. Haha.

Weight: 180 on the button.

BeFunky Collage.png

So. That is my baby belly. Ever since I was about 19, my belly has been pudgy, but it really changes when you have a baby. The stretchmarks grew, and I’ve had to find creative ways to tuck my tummy into my jeans (high-waisted jeggings for the win). I know I won’t be able to get rid of this completely, but if I can lose a little bit of the jelly hiding in there, I’ll be satisfied. All I really want in this life is to wear a t-shirt comfortably.

Blahhh, I can’t believe I shared those pictures, hahaha. I mean…it’s not REALLY a big deal, because that’s just how I look and people see me looking like that all the time. But in this setting it’s just..different. I can’t wait to also share photos of the bridesmaid dress though – it’s smoking, you guys.

Also…I just feel so darn good about myself right now. I’ve finally found my personal style, and I’ve been going hard at maintaining it – feeling comfortable in your clothes goes a long way toward feeling more confident. Once I figured out what works for me, I went all out – bought 3 of the same shirt in different colours, and 2 pairs of identical pants. I freak out about my clothes SO much less often now, and I always know that I have something cute to wear no matter where I’m going.

I can’t wait to see how I do with this!

Do you have ‘before’ and/or ‘after’ pictures on your blog? Link to it in the comments, I’d love to see!

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115 – Will Power

Repeat after me:
























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101 – NANOWRIMO 4, etc.

Well…there has been zero progress. ZERO. I made it to 10,000 words and hit a massive concrete wall. And honestly? I don’t seem myself recovering. It’s a shame, but! I’m proud of the progress that I did make. I am still hopeful that I may pick up the pen again, so to speak, but I won’t hold my breath.

In other news…

I finally have my living/dining/kitchen rooms looking the way I want them to. It involved finally just giving up on the toys and tucking them all away into Ginny’s bedroom. She’s much more into video games at the moment anyways – an activity we are currently encouraging because it’s improving her finger dexterity and problem/puzzle solving. Seriously…the kid is beating this game ALONE and she’s only 3. And it’s a newer Mario game – one that I personally struggle with.

I’ve been REALLY trying at eating better lately and it’s been going well. For a few weeks I was staying up every night til 2 or 3, and since I changed my diet things have been going better. I try not to drink any caffeine after 7 (thankfully Tetley makes a lovely decaf tea), no big snacks, and I’m trying to give myself healthier options for lunches and suppers. I’m also attempting to curb my picky habits…I’m the type who doesn’t like to eat something unless I’m in the mood for it. I am making progress. In a couple weeks Bryan and I are finally heading out to get a gym membership. We figured we should do this NOT in January, as that feels like a good way to fail, not to mention that is what basically everybody does. I’m looking forwards to evenings spent sweating my face off with my sweet husband as we both work on getting fit. Feels good to have the money set aside for this purpose already. NO BACKING OUT!!

Christmas shopping…I’ve made a dent in it. For some reason, despite my artisticalness, I rarely do homemade gifts. This year, so far, I have 3 paintings completed to give to people! I even bought frames for them!! Here’s one:


A family tree for my mother-in-law. I’m really REALLY hoping that I’ll have a reason to update it in the near future. NOT BECAUSE I’M EXPECTING! Hahahaha. Nor am I planning to. But because I want my brothers and sisters in law to have babies. I have one nephew, and he is ridiculously adorable. I want more!

I’m hoping to perhaps make a couple more gifts to give out, and after Christmas I’ll share them all here on the bloggiewoggie.

That’s it for now, I suppose. I have some water to drink and maybe a nap to take??!


Sixty Seven

We’ve been playing outside. A lot. Well, I mean, if we had a backyard of our own we’d be playing outside much more, but compared to last year we have been going outside A Lot. Every single day for the past 2 weeks we have gone outside to the park, or just for a walk, and it feels AMAZING. I strap Ginny into the stroller, fill a bag with water and snacks and sometimes toys and colouring equipment, and off we go. My sister hasn’t found a job yet, so she joins us and we are just really having a blast these days.

I need to say this: I ADORE BEING OUTSIDE. Since leaving childhood, I’ve always found myself to be somewhat of an indoor cat (except at Camp), but lately I’ve just been craving the sunshine and fresh – albeit hot – air. I dropped that pantsize i gained recently! I have a mild and oddly placed sunburn! My freckles are out and proud! My skin issues are clearing up! It’s really quite marvelous.

It’s stupid hot in our apartment, but I am really thinking this is going to be a good summer. We already have plans to take Ginny to the waterparks once they open up, and I’m even thinking I’ll drive her myself one day while Bryan is at work! Now THAT is a miracle. I love the summer smell seeping into our home already; a mix of sunshine and grass and sun lotion. I’m just so happy right now.

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Fifty Eight

It’s amazing how quickly you can see progress, once you actually start doing the work! I know that this is a fairly obvious statement, but I thought I’d have to be working at working out for far longer before I saw results. I’ve been consistent in my physical activity (with only a rest on Sunday) for an entire week now, and my flexibility has improved noticeably.

You know that stretch where you sit on the floor and reach out across one leg to touch your toes? Day one, I absolutely could not touch my toes. Yesterday, I touched ’em! I can touch my toes! This is big for me. Seeing that tiny bit of progress is inspiring.

I’ve hopped on the stationary bike a few times – turns out that I wasn’t as awful at it as I originally thought, as Bryan adjusted the…adjusty thingy, and now I can comfortably ride for a bit – and I’m looking forward to including that in my work out a few times a week, if not everyday. We have it set up in the living room, so I can watch my stories while I pedal to glory.

In addition to improving my own lifestyle, I’m excited about the example I’m setting for my daughter. She likes to chat with me while I’m suffering through my crunches, or come sit on my tummy for an added challenge. She also enjoys reminding me to exercise and sometimes she joins in. Ginny is really a great kid.

So that’s my brief little update. Progress! Toes! Inspiration!

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Fifty Seven

I think I am finally on the cusp of tricking myself into working out. It has been a very real struggle to just get started on simple exercising! But! Wonder of wonder and miracle of miracles, I may be finally getting somewhere FOR REAL.

It all began when I watched Mockingjay Part 1 on Monday evening…First of all, i loved it. Best movie of the series so far. Watching the movie made me want to reread the book series, but alas, I only had Mockingjay out on a shelf for some reason. So Tuesday morning, I entered the scary storage room and dug out a few boxes of books to try and find The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I found The Hunger Games! No clue where Catching Fire is though. However, lifting boxes of books was somewhat of a good work out, and tidying up always inspires me. So I went into my bedroom, swapped end tables, moved the bed, and then moved all of Ginny’s books into her bedroom to make room for more of my books in our hallway. A good morning’s work!

Wednesday morning, after Ginny left for the day, I really got down to work again. I completely cleaned my bedroom, shifted more boxes, made the bed, did the dishes, and got bags of garbage and donations ready to go out.

By the end of Wednesday, my body was feeling it and it felt good. Painful, but good. And that’s when I realized…if I continue this cycle of actually exerting physical activity…maybe I can turn it into habit!! So this morning I actually laid down on the dang floor and did some leg exercises that I have so desperately needed for years now. It was tough, but it felt good and didn’t take long. I’m taking baby steps, and that’s more than good enough for me.

Once my leg strength improves, I’m confident i’ll be able to get on the exercise bike and then hopefully take Bryan’s actual bike out to the park sometimes and get some fresh air.