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159 – School Hair

As you probably know if you’ve been a regular, my four year old daughter started pre-kindergarten in September. In a word, it’s been: amazing. I get a solid 2.5 hours to myself, Mon – Thur, and Ginny gets all the socializing and edumacation her heart desires. Super bonus too, is she’s at Catholic school so she’s learning strong Christian values as well. Her school is amazing in so many ways that I can’t go into because of maintaining privacy, but I never would have imagined we’d be in a district with such a top-notch school.

Because we have the time to do so, every day I try to send Ginny to school with a new, functional hairdo (which she immediately rips out the second she gets home). She hates having her hair pushed behind her ears, so tying it up is necessary so that she isn’t pushing it out of her face all day or dipping it into paint (whether by accident or otherwise). I’m also documenting these hairdos so that I can reference them later when I’m not feeling creative and also because she’s so darn cute. Maybe on more complicated days I’ll also do a tutorial, but so far it’s been simple. Please enjoy!


Simple Ponytail


Piggies and Pony


Double Pony


Double Braids and Pony


Braid on top (hard to see) and Pony


Double Braids (for picture day!)

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151 – The Weekend


It was a busy weekend! Here’s what we did…

It began on Thursday, really. My best bud Erin picked me up bright and early so we could pick up the flowers for her wedding. She is an amazing florist and the bouquets were STUNNING. I helped her with flowers for a few hours before heading home to prepare for the bachelorette party that night. We rented a stretch SUV limo which was the bomb diggity and the party was so fun. It was my first time at a party like that so, it was a pretty cool experience.


Friday, we finished up flowers, decorated the church (I had to stay home with Ginny and couldn’t help til later), and then rehearsed! It was the fastest rehearsal I’ve attended, but wedding’s aren’t exactly complicated. That night I climbed into bed exhausted, but didn’t fall asleep for hours and then kept waking up all night before finally waking for realsies just before 7.

flowers.pngOn Saturday, my best friend got married and that has filled me with so much joy. Any time a friend gets hitched it makes me happy, but when it’s your bestie, the happiness is certainly multiplied. I was caught off guard by just how over-the-top elated I was (and am) for her. Her wedding was beautiful – charming decor, lovely music, fun people. And I was even able to make my speech without falling over or crying TOO much. That was a biggie for me. I’ve never spoken in front of so many people before. But I was determined to do it for my friend. It was such a wonderful, fun, amazing day, and Bryan and I finished it off by eating cheeseburgers in bed before falling dead asleep until 9:30 the next morning.


The Sunday after the wedding was a tough day. Coming down off the high of the wedding was interesting, and I had almost no downtime because we had to throw together a very rushed birthday party for Ginny. I feel awful that we didn’t do a proper party for her this year. It was so half-hearted, I felt sick, I felt cranky, and she was extra toddlery in her behaviour. However! The thing to remember with kids is: they don’t care. As long as you love them and show them that love, it is very simple to make them happy.

So in the end it was a family party. Both sets of grandparents, 2 uncles, 1 aunt, and 1 unky. We had dinner at Red Lobster, which Ginny is crazy about – and she ordered Kraft Dinner…weird kid. Then we all went back to the apartment where we had some balloons and cake (Frozen themed) and presents. Ginny was overjoyed. She had so much fun! My stress over the lack of real party was dumb. I should have just let things happen and be content. It was definitely weird though, not having certain people at the party.

I can’t believe she’ll be 4 tomorrow. Where the heck has the time gone?! I know everyone always says that but it’s just so weird.

137 – Leg Hair and a Cute Kid

If I’m being perfectly honest, and I see no reason why not to, then I must tell you that until this afternoon I had not shaved a single hair off my legs since 2015. So I made it 108 days, 16 hours, and about 20 minutes into 2016 without grooming my gams. So anyways…my legs are super smooth now.

Now, onto the cute kid. I took Ginny to the park this morning and we just hung out on the grass, spinning in circles and cuddling and chatting. Then we walked to a convenience store and I got a Coke and she got a popsicle. It was really nice! Here’s some pictures:


129 -Tea Time

I’m sitting here in my living room, cup of tea in hand, and kind of wishing I had someone to chat with. Things have been…thingy, lately. Since I do not have another adult here to talk to, and Ginny is seriously occupied possibly flooding the bathroom, I shall blog.


Look! I even got dressed for this event. My new Old Navy clothesies. A sweater to match my mug.

Things with Ginny were very seriously HARD for a couple months. Those difficulties aren’t just disappearing now, but the load does seem to have lightened. Basically, she has been testing the boundaries, seeing how far she can push us. She would refuse to eat, refuse to listen, refuse to stop pestering. The constant pressure is finally subsiding and I can finally breathe again!

And look! Look how cute she is.


She’s the sweetest little girl. Ever.

She’s also just being a boss at potty training. We rarely need to deal with accidents, and she herself has decided that naptimes can be done sans pull ups. Most days, she also wakes up either dry or with evidence of only one nighttime peepee. So that is GOOD. I’m very nervous to take the pull up away completely, as laundry is complicated, but I’ve been stockpiling clean bed sheets for her in preparation. And of course, we have a rubber thingy over the mattress.


Our tax return came in! Bryan and I decided that it was time for a new bedroom TV, so we picked up a 40″ that was $100 off regular price! Score! Plus, as per my request, it is a smart TV. I’m very happy to finally be able to watch Netflix and movies in bed without having it be a whole production of input switching and awkward computer/xbox controls. And since we were over by Best Buy anyways, I also slooped into Old Navy and bought some jeggings (which are identical to a pair I already own and I loooove them), some short-people skinnies which aren’t that skinny but I like ’em, a tshirt, and a sweater. OH! And an Easter dress for Ginny. I’ll have to be sure to take pictures of her in it, because she’s just the sweetest thing.

In other news! I’m working on an art piece that will be auctioned off in support of refugees coming to Saskatoon. The theme is Literary Heroes, so I chose to depict CS Lewis and his amazing creation, Aslan. The Narnia series is by far one of my favourites, and has always held a very special place in my heart.


Well. This was just a short visit. My tea is getting cold so I’d better gulp it down before I forget about it. It was a pleasure chatting with you! #dorkalert


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127 – Ughhh

Being a mom is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Here’s why:

  1. The child poops. Or doesn’t poop, which is worse.
  2. The child pees outside of the potty. But at least the child is potty trained.
  3. The child wakes up in the night because they need their Figaro cat, but you don’t know where Figaro cat is and it’s 2 in the morning and you just want to sleep, dangit.
  4. The child jumps on the furniture, no matter how many times you tell the child not to. To be fair, we have sproingy couches. Also, maybe one day the couch will eat the child and then I just won’t have to worry anymore (our couch liner is busted so the child literally COULD fall inside the couch).
  5. The child licks your face. And it’s gross. Sometimes though, the child will stop if you lick the child’s face back. Which is also gross.
  6. The child explodes a mess into every room. Ex: my child came home from a visit to Grandma’s. I had spent 2 hours cleaning the heck outta our living and dining rooms. The child said hi to me, and then immediately went to the coffee table and dumped out all of her blocks, and then sat down on the couch and didn’t play with them at all the rest of the day.
  7. The child refuses to eat. Which…makes mealtimes easier, technically. But I’m one of those lame moms who likes their child to get their 3 square meals and veggies and fruit and other uncool stuff like that. So every night is a battle with the child to eat and we usually win but it is a lot of work.
  8. The child breaks you. At least 3 times so far in 2016 I have broken down sobbing crying on the floor because of the child. But then the child tells me she loves me and brings me a necklace which gives me mixed feelings because on the one hand, she’s showing me kindness and trying to cheer me up but on the other hand, I have told the child 5 TIMES not to touch my necklace. I’ll take what I can get.
  9. The child shouts out inappropriate words. Though, she’s now confining it to the bathroom. Come on over to our house and you’re likely to hear a little voice singing from the potty, “I HAVE A BAGIIINA, I HAVE A BAGIIINA.”
  10. The child has elbows. I mean, of COURSE the child has elbows. But those elbows are everywhere all the time, and especially they are always digging into my boobs.

Being a mom is tough beans. I both love it and hate it. The unique thing about parenthood though, is how no matter how impossibly difficult it becomes, it is NEVER not worth doing. My daughter may drive me to wish I could have a cigarette out on the balcony in my robe and slippers, but she’s MY daughter and I am going to love her forever and ever and then some more after that.

I just wish she’d stop licking my face.

And digging her elbows into my boobs.

And poking me in the butt when I’m bending over.

And tooting at me.

She does nice things too though.

She hugs me.

Kisses me.

Tells me she loves me.

Always offers to get me a granola bar if she’s getting one for herself.

Asks me if I’m ok, when I’m feeling down.

She’s good people. I’m glad she’s my people.


122 – Pre-K & Potty Training

As you probably know, the thought of Ginny attending school has been MAJORLY freaking me out. Like, the topic comes up or the thought pops into my head and suddenly I can’t breathe. So obviously, when I realized that we should really be sending her to some sort of preschool before kindergarten, I freaked out. Understandably.

After doing some internet research, I discovered a school in our area that provides an excellent pre-k program. Not only is it free, but it’s also in a Catholic school which was really a plus for us. We’re not Catholic, but I appreciate sending my child to a school with similar values to the ones that we uphold in our home. Unfortunately however, as I browsed their website, I discovered that they had already been accepting pre-k applications since January, AND they need the kids to be potty trained. I’m a timely person, so the fact that I noticed the January registration in February sent me into a tizzy. And Ginny was certainly NOT potty trained. Fortunately, registrations isn’t actually over until September, but I did feel a sudden sense of urgency.

So we got on it.

I had Bryan call the school last Friday. No answer. No problem! We would try again on Monday. Meanwhile though, potty training had to start IMMEDIATELY. So that’s what we did. On day one, we went through 5 pairs of undies before I quit, and several days passed before I was ready to begin again. We are now on day 6 and things are going GOOOOOD!! Fantastic, even. No accidents all week. I can’t believe how easy it’s been. Here is what we have learned thus far in our pee-pee in the potty adventure:

  1. Your kid has to be ready, but SO DO YOU. A huge part of what has taken so long to get this done, was us not being 100% committed to the cause. The thought of having to clean pee and poo off of everything is not exactly pleasant. Finally though, thanks to pre-k registration, it was the right time for all of us. Ginny took to it immediately, and we only needed to use rewards for one day. I’ve still been giving her a new Shopkin for every day she stays dry, but if I didn’t do that she would be totally fine. **Side note here: I just realized Ginny ate one of my favourite cookies and I think it was the last one…it was a swirly Danish butter cookie. Ugh.**
  2. Don’t get mad! Even on that day where she had 5 accidents, I did not lose it with her. I simply cleaned up, had her assist me and watch, and then gave her a pep talk and encouraged her to try again.

We still have night and nap time to work on, so I’m sure I’ll have more to add when we reach that point.

SO! Monday arrived and obviously Bryan was at work. I never make phone calls. I would avoid phoning my own mother. It scares the poop outta me. I just don’t ever do it. I have never in m life phoned and made an appointment anywhere, nor have I ever called a store or restaurant. But on Monday? I forced myself to call the school to request further information about registration. I DID IT. This is SO unbelievably huge for me, you have no idea. Of course, they told me that I needed to come into the school.

I DON’T GO PLACES. I DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE! I DON’T ADULT. But on Monday? I forced myself to do it. Fortunately my sister was home, so she was able to accompany Ginny and I as moral support, but I did not have to rely on her for help at all (other than when I had her google Bryan’s work phone number because I didn’t have it…BECAUSE I DON’T PHONE PEOPLE). I marched up to the secretary, declared my intent to register my child for pre-kindergarten, and then sat down in the office and did so. I was even hella prepared. I had birth certificates. I had health cards. I had the doctor’s phone number. I had a pen. And a backup pen. It was one of the first times in my life where I had ALL the necessary information to fill out an application to completion.

After we had finished filling out the forms, the secretary (who Ginny thought resembled Amy Poehler) offered to give us a tour of the pre-k rooms. Ginny was SO sweet when we saw the classrooms. She wandered around, careful not to touch anything, and just got so excited about the little chairs and toys and books. “This room is so cool” she told the secretary (who loved her). It was so surreal being in an elementary school. It’s been years since I’ve had to step foot in one (not counting voting back in the fall).

I SO SO SO SO hope that Ginny is given a place in this school’s pre-k program. Everything about it just sounds so wonderful, and the location is convenient, and Ginny loved the school and I loved it too. If I’m going to have to be stepping out of my comfort zone, this is where I want to do so.


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121 – Update Randomnicity


So yeah. That’s me up there. Un-brushed hair, wearing my husband’s Assasin’s Creed shirt (it glows in the dark, btw). I dunno. Life has been weird lately.

I’ve been in such a rut for the past few months. Wonderful things have happened, and wonderful things are in store for us, but that is not necessarily the recipe for being 100% happy. My family is good. My home is good. The weather is good. I’m just blue.

How has this made an effect in my life?

I have done zero personal art in 2016. Zero. I do have a project in the works, but it’s not something I would have have done on my own. This is good! It’s good to be challenged artistically, and this will turn out super cool in the end. But…in my spare time, I haven’t even been doodling. None. Which is weird. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when that finally picks up.

I’ve been feeling lousy in the parenting department. Now, I’m going to stop you right here. Do NOT say, “But Becca, you’re a GREAT mom!” I know this. I know that I provide my child with everything she needs, and some stuff she doesn’t. I make life fun for her. I give her so much love she doesn’t know what to do with it all. HECK! I’ve even finally POTTY TRAINED HER (more on that in another post)! But sometimes, no matter how well things are going, and certainly no matter how many times people compliment your parenting abilities, you still feel like a poop. Lately, I’ve been feeling like a poop. I’m positive every parent feels this way once in a while. Just gotta get through it. Having a child like Ginny, who is intelligent and kind and loves to show me love really helps.

I’ve been eating my feelings again. Ugh. Gotta stop. This blog is truly a testament to my failures in the food department. Every few months I make a sweeping declaring that things will change, but IT IS SOOO HARD!! Still. I am perpetually working on it, and will continue to do so. I’m not discouraged, just frustrated.

Now. On to other stuff.

My hair continues to grow. Obviously. It pleases me greatly whenever I brush it out after a shower, to see the length creeping down my chest. Pretty soon I’ll be at Mermaid Level, meaning I won’t need to wear a shirt anymore since my hair will hide the bazongas. I mean, I’ll still wear a shirt because it’s winter…but I will have the option not to.

Please realise that I’m kidding.

Hmm. What else to talk about. Well in July I’ll be standing up with my BFF at her wedding as her Maid of Honour. I’m pretty nervous for speech-making, and event planning, but I’m also very excited. The dresses are SMOKIN’, guys. We ladies are gonna look hawwwt. I’d like to shed a few inches for the wedding, which I think is a reasonable and attainable goal. My hope is to outshine the bride. Just kidddddding. She’s going to be STUNNING. I can’t wait to share the deets of the shower and bachelorette on here though. Hopefully after the wedding (if I remember to take photos). I have some pretty lofty, pinterest worthy ideas going on in this noggin of mine.

OH MY GOSH! I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION!! I quit biting my nails. Again. Haha. I’m a pro at quitting now. I’m just not a pro at staying quitted. I know that’s not a word. I don’t care.


La la laaaa la la laaa laaaaaaaaaaa. What next what next.

My husband is probably the best guy ever.

My daughter is THE most awesome kid I’ve ever known. She’s hilarious and so much more brilliant than I could have ever imagined. You always hope you’ll have a smart kid, but I am just gobsmacked that I ended up with one of THE smartest kids ever. She can do a bit of simple addition now, can write 90% of her letters from memory, can read the words Cat and Fish, is a pro at writing her name, and can also type her name. Ginny is a natural at video games and computers, and is in love with the world of Peppa Pig.

Oh my gosh! And I registered her for pre-kindergarten! Whaaaaat! I know. Crazy that we’ve reached this point. Prayers and kind thoughts are VERY much appreciated, as we won’t know if she is accepted until June, and then we still have to officially register her in September. I’ll write more about the registration experience another day.

Well. I guess that’s it for today. Just felt like an update was in order. I know my rambly posts are liked, but I do hope to have a tad more structure next time. Toodles, y’all!

106 – The First Night

This has nothing to do with anything, but I want to talk about my first night ever with newborn Ginny.

Ginny was born at 9:37 am, so Bryan and I got to spend an entire day as Us Three. We took turns snuggling our bundle, changing her diapers, and taking naps. When 8:00pm rolled around, as we did not have a private room that first night, it was time for Bryan to leave. I was terrified. We said our goodbyes, and then he left. He LEFT ME ALL ALONE. Bryan walked out that door, drove home, ate food, then collapsed on our comfy bed and slept for like, 12 hours straight. Lucky guy 😉

The nurse looking after us at that time told me that if I wished, she would take Ginny to the nursery for some of the night so I could sleep. I’m always going to be happy that I didn’t end up taking her up on that offer. I had fully intended to send Ginny off! I knew that I needed sleep and I knew that she would be safe without me. But…things changed quickly.

First of all, Ginny never cried. She just…didn’t. When she was hungry or needed a change, she would make gentle mewling-like noises. I had her…bassinet I guess it was, but we called it a bucket because we’re odd like that…bucket near the bed so I would reach in and help her out, whether it was food or cleanliness she was needing. Everything I needed was in arms reach of my bed so I only ever needed to get up when I had to pee.

Ginny and I made it successfully through the first few hours. I began to wonder when the nurse would come take her away for the night. We didn’t have a TV or anything in the room, and I was tired, so while Ginny snoozed in her bucket, I decided to doze a bit. This was hard. Anytime she sniffled or sneezed or flexed an eyebrow, I startled awake. Finally, I decided to just bring her into bed with me so that I would have peace of mind. Which worked!

Together, we snuggled in my bed. I held my little baby burrito close to my body, pulled my blanket over the both of us, and together we slept. It wasn’t the greatest sleep, as obviously I still had to wake for feedings, etc, and whenever she did shift it would stir me, but it was honestly one of the greatest nights of my life. Cradling her little body, smelling her skin, rubbing my face on the delicate knitted toque that some kind lady had made**, and just murmuring to my baby about how much I loved her, was amazing. She never cried, and neither did I, because we were just so utterly happy with one another.

So…yeah. That was my first night with Ginny. She’s awesome.

In other news: Christmas is coming! Duh! But I finished my shopping yesterday, and I’m excited to not have that to worry about anymore. Friday is Star Wars, Saturday is a party for the kids of employees at Bryan’s work, Sunday is the Christmas pageant at church, and then the next weekend is Christmas! I can’t wait to see Ginny’s face when she sees her stocking full in the morning and when she finally gets to tear open those gifts. It’s going to be magical.

Alright. End of post. Toodaloo, folks.

**I am thankful and emotional about the women (and I guess men too?) who knit toques for newborns. My own grandmother used to sit in her rocking chair knitting the softest little hats to give to the hospitals. It’s such a special service, and even though Ginny’s hat wasn’t knitted by MY grandmother, it is still such a special clothing item that we are always going to treasure.

105 – Christmas Pics

The other day, I dressed Ginny up in her new Christmas dress and forced her to sit while I took photos of her. My intention this year was to get a nice photo of all three of us sitting in the snow by a tree, but the snow has been uncooperative this year. It’s getting to be time to send Christmas cards out! So I guess it’s just another solo picture of Ginny again this year (which I’m sure people don’t mind because…come on…she’s adorable). Anyhoozles, here are some of the pictures!






I thought they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. Helps that I was taking pictures of such a cute child. She earned herself a chocolate for sitting so nicely.

Also, the sky was beautiful this morning and I attempted to capture it. I had to tweak it a bit on the computer because my camera sucks and just refused to capture the pinks, but I ended up getting the photo to match the sky pretty accurately. I also enhanced the shadows so the trees were just silhouettes. So, it’s not a great picture, but whatever. I like it.


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81 – Dress Up

Well, the anniversary project I was hoping to do, likely isn’t going to happen. I’m going to put a pin in it though, because it’s a good idea for later. Today however, inspired by an instagram post of a blogger I follow, I decided that in honour of 5 years of marriage, I’d dust off the old wedding gown and let Ginny get dressed up! Here are my favourite snaps.

GinnyDress1 GinnyDress2 GinnyDress3 GinnyDress4 GinnyDress5 GinnyDress6 GinnyDress7 GinnyDress8

Side note: I love my duvet cover. We bought that just before the wedding and I doubt I’ll find one I love more.

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