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101 – NANOWRIMO 4, etc.

Well…there has been zero progress. ZERO. I made it to 10,000 words and hit a massive concrete wall. And honestly? I don’t seem myself recovering. It’s a shame, but! I’m proud of the progress that I did make. I am still hopeful that I may pick up the pen again, so to speak, but I won’t hold my breath.

In other news…

I finally have my living/dining/kitchen rooms looking the way I want them to. It involved finally just giving up on the toys and tucking them all away into Ginny’s bedroom. She’s much more into video games at the moment anyways – an activity we are currently encouraging because it’s improving her finger dexterity and problem/puzzle solving. Seriously…the kid is beating this game ALONE and she’s only 3. And it’s a newer Mario game – one that I personally struggle with.

I’ve been REALLY trying at eating better lately and it’s been going well. For a few weeks I was staying up every night til 2 or 3, and since I changed my diet things have been going better. I try not to drink any caffeine after 7 (thankfully Tetley makes a lovely decaf tea), no big snacks, and I’m trying to give myself healthier options for lunches and suppers. I’m also attempting to curb my picky habits…I’m the type who doesn’t like to eat something unless I’m in the mood for it. I am making progress. In a couple weeks Bryan and I are finally heading out to get a gym membership. We figured we should do this NOT in January, as that feels like a good way to fail, not to mention that is what basically everybody does. I’m looking forwards to evenings spent sweating my face off with my sweet husband as we both work on getting fit. Feels good to have the money set aside for this purpose already. NO BACKING OUT!!

Christmas shopping…I’ve made a dent in it. For some reason, despite my artisticalness, I rarely do homemade gifts. This year, so far, I have 3 paintings completed to give to people! I even bought frames for them!! Here’s one:


A family tree for my mother-in-law. I’m really REALLY hoping that I’ll have a reason to update it in the near future. NOT BECAUSE I’M EXPECTING! Hahahaha. Nor am I planning to. But because I want my brothers and sisters in law to have babies. I have one nephew, and he is ridiculously adorable. I want more!

I’m hoping to perhaps make a couple more gifts to give out, and after Christmas I’ll share them all here on the bloggiewoggie.

That’s it for now, I suppose. I have some water to drink and maybe a nap to take??!


98 – NaNoWriMo 3

Well I hit a block on the 6th day of this challenge. Had my laptop primed and ready to go all day, and wrote nothing. I’ve been having a terrible time sleeping lately so once the clock hit 1am, I actually forced myself to write a bit. I’m still quite blocked, having trouble making all the necessary connections in my story, but I’ve found something to write about and I think I can hit my goals with this if I keep at it…and stop pausing midway through to make blog posts and check facebook.

I just wrote a description of a main character’s wedding dress. This was fun because a) who doesn’t love a wedding dress? and b) who doesn’t love a 90s wedding dress? and c) who doesn’t love Becca’s DREAM wedding dress from the 90s? Guys…it was pretty bad. I am SO glad that I changed my mind when I grew up. I’m going to see if I can find a picture online of what I had in mind.

Bah. Can’t find a picture of what I’m thinking of. I’m sure I’ve seen dresses like it before. But anyways! I’ll just show you the description from my story. It’s so awful. I don’t know why this was my dream dress. It is so utterly and completely NOT ME.

Her dress was easy enough to find. There was only one dress shop in the whole town, and her Aunt Bridget owned it. One day Wooz went in to find a dress, and left a few hours later having purchased the gown of her dreams. It was a beautiful, empire waist gown. The bodice was covered in beautiful daisy-patterned lace, and had a turtleneck and cap sleeves. She would wear dainty lace gloves on her hands, and have her hair piled high on top of her head surrounded by a crown of daisies. On her feet she was to wear platform flip flops in white. It was a winter wedding, but Wooz was a flip flop girl through and through and she knew the bulk of the festivities would be indoors anyways. Her trusty Ugg boots would be standing by for any outdoor activities.

It all sounds very 1999, which is exactly what I want. It is SO much fun to write a story that takes place in 1999. The references I’m making are fun, and I get to do research…plus there’s just a lot of nostalgia which you know I just love. Anyways, time to get back to work. I’d like to at least hit 10 000 words before I finally turn in.

Side Note: As I’m writing tonight, I’m sitting in my living room, in the dark, while wearing a Batman onesie. I feel like this isn’t quite how Margaret Atwood gets stuff done.

Side Side Note Note: I am NOT comparing my writing to Margaret Atwood’s, my gosh. I will never be that good, nor will I ever be that serious. And my hair will never be that curly (which is irrelevant).

Side Side Side Note Note Note: If you haven’t ever read any Margaret Atwood, go read The Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace immediately. Both are fantastic (Alias Grace is my favourite though).

Side Side Side Side Note Note Note Note: OKAY OKAY! I’LL STOP STALLING AND GO WRITE!


97 – NaNoWriMo 2


Here’s how I’m doing so far! I was actually able to get quite a bit of writing done yesterday, which really made me happy. I figure that while I’m inspired, I may as well try to churn out as many words as possible, even if they don’t make sense. Writing with a size 12 font, I’m just about to start on page 13! Even if my book is crap, I’m really excited to print it out and hold it in my hands…at which point I’ll go to town on it with my red pen.

I’m really surprised at how well the writing has been going, actually. When I attempted this back in 2011, things did not go well. Part of that though, I think, was I did zero prep ahead of time. With this year’s story, I actually took the time to think about what I would be doing. I wrote out a loose plot – just a couple sentences, and made a list of some of the characters I’d like to write about – only maybe two of which I’m actually using.

I think the thing I really have going for me right now, is that I stay home all day and am able to just leave my laptop on with my novel document open, ready for me to write whenever the mood strikes me. I am able to pick at my story all day long, and I think that if I can keep doing this, I might just make it to the end. We’ll see though.

If you are also participating in NaNo, please add me as a buddy! My name is: ReallyReilly

Now, here’s another small excerpt. And again…grain of salt, here.

When the Y2K news first reached Ilene’s ears, her first reaction was just confusion. She was almost eighty years old and had never really understood computers, so even when Wooz and Buddy took the time to slowly go over the details with her, she was unsure of what exactly was happening. In the end, she got the message the world was ending, her refrigerator was possibly going to kill her, and if she ever wanted to put her arson plan into action, she was going to have to get busy.

It took weeks to accumulate all of that gasoline. Ilene didn’t own a vehicle, so she had to be fairly crafty and sly. It would look awfully suspicious if she was carting around cans of gas in her little shopping cart. People would be sure to question her, and poor Ilene had never been a very good liar. Fortunately, people only asked questions three times, and each time it was someone different so she was always able to use the same story.

“Well dear,” she would say, “with the end of the world coming, what with the Y2Ks and all, I’ve decided to burn some of my old belongings. I’ve held on to some things for far too long, and it’s time to get rid of them.”

Because she had only been purchasing a little bit of gas at a time, this answer was accepted and she was free to continue on her merry way. Sometimes, the young person working at the store that day would even carry the load home for her. Ilene would thank the person, offer them a cookie, and then once they had departed she would collapse onto the couch and sigh, happy that her nefarious intent had yet to be discovered.

The gasoline canisters began to form a neat line across the rumpus room wall down in the basement, looking uniform against the wood panelled wall. After staring at them for months though, Ilene knew that something had to be done to make them look less threatening. This is where the gas cozy idea came from. Ilene was a champion knitter, so she quickly set to work figuring out how to make a cozy that shape and that big. After about a week, she knew what she was doing and began the process of knitting like crazy. When company would stop by, she’d quickly stick her needles in a half finished sweater, pretending that everything was just as it normally was. All said and done, Ilene had been feeling quite devious since this Y2K thing reared its ugly – and confusing – head.

As the end of the year was approaching, Ilene was getting excited about finally putting all her gasoline to good use. She had a long list taped to the mirror of her bedroom dresser, detailing each and every business that she was going to burn to the ground. She would be starting, of course, with Huntsman’s Coffee Shoppe. When Huntsman’s first opened, Ilene had been delighted to go on in and try some of their coffee. However, the young girl working at the counter wrote her name incorrectly on the coffee cup. Ilene had frowned quite severely when the she read ‘Eileen’, the spelling of her name that she loathed intensely. She did not approve of frivolous letters when spelling names.

The next target of the wrath of Ilene, would be the video rental store. Too many times, Ilene had rented a movie and brought it home only to discover that it had most certainly not been rewound. In addition, she had been very disappointed when she rented the film “Groundhog Day”, and it kept starting over. She hadn’t even been back to the store since 1994.

Again, add me! ReallyReilly

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96 – NaNoWriMo

As of right now, I’ve hit the 3000 word mark! To celebrate, here’s a small excerpt.

***FYI: This is most definitely a work in progress, so I haven’t gone back through to fix any spelling or grammatical errors, nor have I fixed the language to make it more readable. At this point, I’m simply trying to work through the novel to hit my word goals and making sense of things isn’t high on my list of priorities. SO! Read this with a grain of salt, and an open mind, please!***

“If only flux capacitors were real,” Harold sighed. He gave the piece of metal he was working on a good whack with the hammer, and then slumped down against the wall. The car sitting before him was certainly no Delorean, but he hoped it would still be just as capable of time travel. The Chevy Sprint had always been good on mileage for Harold, so he figured that talent would carry on into interdimensional aspects as well. “Time to call it a night.” Harold tucked away his tools, threw a cover over the car, and then closed up the garage and went into the house to find his wife.

Janice was busy in the kitchen, whipping up a batch of hot chocolate while watching Law and Order: SVU, her favourite show. “Oh my gosh Harold, you’re not going to believe what is happening tonight on LOSVU,” she said when she was her husband.

“Janice, it’s still really weird when you call it that.” Harold kicked off his shoes and settled onto the plush floral couch that he hated, but Janice loved. “Acronyms that aren’t words are weird.”

“Hush,” said Janice. She poured two mugs of hot chocolate and then joined Harold in the living room. “This guy has been cleared of the crime, but things are still fishy about it,” she explained. “Seriously, I have no idea what’s going to happen, and it is so exciting.”

Together, the Majors sipped their beverages in silence as they watched the story unfold. Janice was thoroughly engrossed, while Harold’s mind had already wandered back to his secret project in the garage. He was so lost in thought, in fact, that Janice had to say his name several times to get his attention once the episode had ended.

“Sorry Janice, my mind was elsewhere. What did you ask me?”

Janice grumbled a bit under her breath. “Well I was going to ask you what you thought of LOSVU, but obviously you weren’t even watching. What had you so distracted that you couldn’t pay attention.” She peeked down into Harold’s mug. “You didn’t even finish your drink, either.”

“I was just thinking about the time machine,” Harold admitted. “I’m starting to run out of time before I need it to be finished. December is approaching quickly and I haven’t even been able to do any hamster tests yet.”

“I really wish you wouldn’t use live animals,” admonished Janice. “It’s cruel.”

Harold shook his head. “It’s only cruel if they get hurt or killed, and I’m not going to let that happen. Bittersweet and Symphony are my pets, and I certainly don’t want anything to happen to them. Don’t worry Jan, I’ll be careful.”

***Thanks for reading! I should probably mention a couple things: This story takes place in 1999 in the lead up to the Y2K ‘scare’. It’s about a small town full of weirdos who deal with it in different ways – Harold is dealing with it by trying to build a time machine. Janice is dealing with it by watching a lot of Law and Order.***