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122 – Pre-K & Potty Training

As you probably know, the thought of Ginny attending school has been MAJORLY freaking me out. Like, the topic comes up or the thought pops into my head and suddenly I can’t breathe. So obviously, when I realized that we should really be sending her to some sort of preschool before kindergarten, I freaked out. Understandably.

After doing some internet research, I discovered a school in our area that provides an excellent pre-k program. Not only is it free, but it’s also in a Catholic school which was really a plus for us. We’re not Catholic, but I appreciate sending my child to a school with similar values to the ones that we uphold in our home. Unfortunately however, as I browsed their website, I discovered that they had already been accepting pre-k applications since January, AND they need the kids to be potty trained. I’m a timely person, so the fact that I noticed the January registration in February sent me into a tizzy. And Ginny was certainly NOT potty trained. Fortunately, registrations isn’t actually over until September, but I did feel a sudden sense of urgency.

So we got on it.

I had Bryan call the school last Friday. No answer. No problem! We would try again on Monday. Meanwhile though, potty training had to start IMMEDIATELY. So that’s what we did. On day one, we went through 5 pairs of undies before I quit, and several days passed before I was ready to begin again. We are now on day 6 and things are going GOOOOOD!! Fantastic, even. No accidents all week. I can’t believe how easy it’s been. Here is what we have learned thus far in our pee-pee in the potty adventure:

  1. Your kid has to be ready, but SO DO YOU. A huge part of what has taken so long to get this done, was us not being 100% committed to the cause. The thought of having to clean pee and poo off of everything is not exactly pleasant. Finally though, thanks to pre-k registration, it was the right time for all of us. Ginny took to it immediately, and we only needed to use rewards for one day. I’ve still been giving her a new Shopkin for every day she stays dry, but if I didn’t do that she would be totally fine. **Side note here: I just realized Ginny ate one of my favourite cookies and I think it was the last one…it was a swirly Danish butter cookie. Ugh.**
  2. Don’t get mad! Even on that day where she had 5 accidents, I did not lose it with her. I simply cleaned up, had her assist me and watch, and then gave her a pep talk and encouraged her to try again.

We still have night and nap time to work on, so I’m sure I’ll have more to add when we reach that point.

SO! Monday arrived and obviously Bryan was at work. I never make phone calls. I would avoid phoning my own mother. It scares the poop outta me. I just don’t ever do it. I have never in m life phoned and made an appointment anywhere, nor have I ever called a store or restaurant. But on Monday? I forced myself to call the school to request further information about registration. I DID IT. This is SO unbelievably huge for me, you have no idea. Of course, they told me that I needed to come into the school.

I DON’T GO PLACES. I DON’T TALK TO PEOPLE! I DON’T ADULT. But on Monday? I forced myself to do it. Fortunately my sister was home, so she was able to accompany Ginny and I as moral support, but I did not have to rely on her for help at all (other than when I had her google Bryan’s work phone number because I didn’t have it…BECAUSE I DON’T PHONE PEOPLE). I marched up to the secretary, declared my intent to register my child for pre-kindergarten, and then sat down in the office and did so. I was even hella prepared. I had birth certificates. I had health cards. I had the doctor’s phone number. I had a pen. And a backup pen. It was one of the first times in my life where I had ALL the necessary information to fill out an application to completion.

After we had finished filling out the forms, the secretary (who Ginny thought resembled Amy Poehler) offered to give us a tour of the pre-k rooms. Ginny was SO sweet when we saw the classrooms. She wandered around, careful not to touch anything, and just got so excited about the little chairs and toys and books. “This room is so cool” she told the secretary (who loved her). It was so surreal being in an elementary school. It’s been years since I’ve had to step foot in one (not counting voting back in the fall).

I SO SO SO SO hope that Ginny is given a place in this school’s pre-k program. Everything about it just sounds so wonderful, and the location is convenient, and Ginny loved the school and I loved it too. If I’m going to have to be stepping out of my comfort zone, this is where I want to do so.


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