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124 – Updates

First Thing:
Potty training continues to go well. Ginny took to it like a champ. We get the occasional accident, of course, but she is so chill about it and never hides the fact from us. We’re still not ready to train her for nighttime and naptime yet, but I’m sure when the time comes, she’ll take it pretty well.

Second Thing:
I’m OBSESSED with tea. Here is a list of the teas I have in my cupboard, because I know you’re interested, obviously.
For the Tassimo –
– Tim Horton’s Steeped Tea
– Tetley Green Tea
In Tea Bags –
– Tetley Orange Pekoe
– Lipton – English Breakfast, Mint Green Tea
– Stash – Christmas Morning, White Christmas, Holiday Chai, Decaf Lemon and Ginger
– Twinnings – Pure Camomile, Honebush/mandarin/orange, Earl Grey, Goodnight Blend, Lemon and Ginger, English Breakfast
Loose Tea –
– DavidsTea – organic mother’s little helper, organic the skinny, jumpy monkey, strawberry rhubarb parfait
– Epicure – Creme de la creme Earl Grey
– NourishTea – Canadian Breakfast
– London Tea
– Earl Grey
– Taylor’s of Harrogate – Yorkshire Gold
– Tea Squared – Kombacha Detox, Imperial Earl Grey (and I recommend Breakfast in Paris)
I have a BIT of a problem. Seriously. I had to force myself to avert my eyes as I walked through the tea section at Sobey’s today. THEY WERE ALL ON SALE TOO! Ugh. Wanty want. I drink tea all the freaking time. And I just got a rad and ginormous Little Mermaid mug, plus a cute penguin steeper. I cannot wait until we live in a proper house and I can set up a little tea section in my kitchen to display all my little tins and such.

Third Thing:
I’ve got my art mojo back! Here are my latest creations:


I just completed a major project, have a minor one to finish up, and then I’m happy to say that I will be putting NOTHING on my plate for quite some time, other than personal works like those above. I want to really hone my talent, and really develop my personal style which I can already feel evolving. Also, stay tuned for an upcoming post about personal progress in regards to art. Also also…I need to find a way to sell some of this stuff. I’m running out of paint real fast over here.

Fourth Thing:
I went shopping on Saturday and got some great deals. Literally any time I go shopping though, I ALWAYS get deals. I am magical like that. Example: Over the Christmas holidays I went shopping with my Ma and sister and ended up bringing home a Queen sized duvet cover for $20 – originally it was $80, I believe. Well…this past Saturday? I got a Twin size duvet cover (why do I need so many duvet covers? Bryan and I don’t share a blanket in bed, and my queen-size duvet kept hanging over the side and kinda tugging me with it, as well as tangling my sheets. I swapped to a twin and life has been wonderful.) for $20 again…MARKED DOWN FROM $180!!! First of all…$180 for a TWIN? That’s stupid. Second of all, it’s super pretty and will probably look fab in Ginny’s room one day. I also took advantage of Bath and Body Works and they’re ridiculous 10 for $35 soap sale and bought a buttload of soaps. I also got my Little Mermaid mug, plus 2 Game of Thrones mugs for a steal at HMV. All drinkware was buy 1 get 1 40% off. Score. What else what else. I don’t know, but I always feel so elated once I complete a successful afternoon of shopping.

Fifth Thing:
My sister had cable re-installed in the apartment, so that is super awesome. Cable is one of those things where when I have it, I love it, but if I don’t have it, then it’s really not a big deal. But yeah…I love it. Maybe I’ll do a post on my new fav shows because so much has changed since we got rid of cable!! I am also just BEYOND thrilled to have the Food Network back. I missed you, Rachel and Bobby and Alton and Guy and Nigella and Ree…time for me to get inspired!

Sixth Thing:
In regards to my mission to have bi-weekly menus done up all the time – this has been a TRULY successful venture. We have completed one full month and are just at the beginning of a new two week period right now, which I shopped for this afternoon. We got veggies and fruit out the wazoo – and I already have it ALL chopped and bagged for easier access for snacking and cooking. Ginny wants some cucumbers? BANG! Just toss a bag at her. Speaking of Ginny, I like to ask her if there’s anything she wants and she almost always exclusively lists off different veggies and fruits. She’s such a good girl. She also usually says McDonald’s, but can you blame her? I know it’s 12:20 am right now, but I would kill for a cheeseburger. Anyways, I’ve become a boss at grocery shopping and meal planning and now prep has been added to the repertoire and seeing all those baggies resting neatly in the fridge drawers really warms my heart. I strive to be an organized person, and while there are many areas where I need to really work, my kitchen is really doing absolutely fantastic. It’s a dinky, awkward kitchen, but I make it as functional as possible. Still, I absolutely 100% cannot wait to have a proper kitchen in a house that is MINE and where I can renovate so that it suits my needs.

Ok. That’s enough. I’m tired. My feet are cold. Gonna go put my icy toes on Bryan’s back and hope that some of his warmth has seeped over to my side of the bed. The downside to not sharing blankets, is I have to be responsible for my own warmth. The upside? Everything else. We started the separate blankets deal just a month or so into marriage, and it was one of the best decisions. Bryan is a human space heater, and I am a human icicle so him being under my 32 blankets was not practical, nor was it practical for me to be smushed up against his hot body all night, trying to steal his warmth (I mean that hot body comment in several ways *wink wink*). So anyways…the two blankets is something I always recommend to people because it’s awesome.

NOW I’M REALLY DONE! Seriously. Once the rambling floodgates open, they really just do not want to shut.



Fifty Four

What I’m watching, reading, whatevering…

House of Cards.
This has been a whirlwind. For the past year, my dad has been talking about it and I finally took the plunge last week and have not looked back. I began watching last Tuesday, and I’m now almost finished season 3 (of 3). This show is intense, guys. It has everything you want in a serious show about politics: evil guys, tall ladies, devious plots, cray-cray twists… It’s a really well-written show and I highly recommend it. Warning: There is a lot of swearing and nudity.

Parks and Recreation.
I binge watched the entire series over the course of February and I loved every minute. The show is tough to get into, as the first half or so of season 1 has not developed the characters into their true selves just yet, but once you get over the hump it’s worth it. This show is clean, silly, smart, and is just full of delightful storylines and people. I’m sad it ended, but I absolutely love how the series went out.

By: Doug Dorst and JJ Abrams
This was a book and a half. I found it by accident as I was trying to spend the last of an Indigo gift card. I was aimlessly wandering in the aisles, waiting for something to call my name and this book just started screaming at me. This is a complicated book. It is really a book within a book, and I’d like you to please stick with me as I try to explain. S. is the book. Ship of Theseus is the book within. S. comprises of Ship of Theseus as well as two college students (a guy and a girl) who meet and begin communicating in the margins of Ship of Theseus. Handwritten notes litter each page, and as the plot of the novel develops, so does the plot of these two students. Loose leaf pages, napkins with maps drawn on, photographs, and postcards are to be found tucked into the pages of the book and it was so exciting to turn the page and find a new treasure to remove and inspect. It is a VERY hard book to read. There are several ways to read the book (just the novel, just the margins, novel and margins at the same time…), and once I finished reading it myself, I realized that I will need to go back and re-read at some point because I have NO idea what the heck happened. Still, this is an incredible book, and an incredible literary experiment that was just a delight to be able to try out. So the plot: These two students are trying to solve all these clues that were apparently left in Ship of Theseus by the novel’s translator, and in trying to solve the mystery they become targets of a nefarious group themselves.

Sophie’s Choice
By: William Styron
Sophie’s Choice is one of the most well-written books I’ve read in a very long time. The style is so unique to the book, and was very easy to read despite the heavy subject. A young man moves to New York to make it as a writer, and encounters the beautiful and sad Sophie, as well as her abusive and off-his-rocker boyfriend. As the story unfolds, we learn that Sophie is a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, but there is even more to just that than at first glance. I was fully expecting this book to be a tear-jerker, but while much of the story did really get me thinking and was quite powerful, the moment of Sophie’s Choice seemed to pass by without much fanfare. Especially after watching the Choice scene from the Meryl Streep movie on youtube (which is one of the most terrifying movie scenes you can ever watch, particularly as a parent), I was a little disappointed that the Choice didn’t have more impact. However, it is absolutely a book I will be reading again.

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