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165 – New Year

As per usual, let’s review last year’s resolutions and how well I did with each!

  1. Lose 30lbs.
    This is going to remain on my list until I achieve it! Didn’t achieve this, but I’m not bummed. Losing weight is hard! So it remains.
  2. Expand my cooking repertoire and meal plan more efficiently. Done! The repertoire wasn’t expanded by a lot, but the meal planning went fantastically. I’ve already got January planned out!!
  3. Finish paying off our debt and GET RID OF THE DANG PT CRUISER!!! DONE! OH MY GOSH IT’S DONE! 
  4. Read more! I would say that I did this.
  5. Open Etsy shop again and create original works to sell. Did not do this, but I don’t consider it a failure.

And now, this year’s goals:

  1. Lose 30lbs.
  2. Eat out/pick up less.
  3. Stop buying pop to keep in the fridge.
  4. Finish up more of the mountains of tea in my cupboards.
  5. Read more.
  6. Dedicate more time to driving on my own.
  7. Keep up with the progress I’ve made socially.
  8. Be more active with Ginny’s school.
  9. Take care of that one thing that I don’t want to talk about. It’s red. That’s all you need to know.
  10. Take on my daily art challenges. Inktober and Drawcember were so much fun!!
  11. Journal as much as possible, if not daily.
  12. Learn to make a speed build video for youtube.

Nothing too crazy here. One thing I love about blogging is I can look back on this list so easily. Previously I would always lose it somewhere, hahaha.

So! On to 2017. 2016…you’ve been ridiculous. And that’s not even taking into account all the world stuff that went on – I’m just talking personal here.

See you next year, friends!



It was our first Workout Wednesday of the year and I feel really good. Bryan and I use the Wii Fit to manage all our fitness goals and everything, and I can’t be more happy with it. I created a new routine today that lasts about 18 minutes which I found was very manageable. It included some yoga, strength, aerobic, and balance exercises. I’m not a person who sweats much at all, but I sure felt the ‘glow’ after my workout tonight and it was good! I’m tired but not exhausted. I’m excited to repeat this routine next week. I’m hoping that by March I will be doing this more than just once a week. I want to take it easy. After years of being lazy I feel it would be silly to just jump right in too quickly. 

Ginny really enjoyed watching us do our thing tonight. We strapped her in her chair (seriously, it’s hard to do the luge when there’s a baby sitting on your abs [or lack thereof]), gave her some cookies and she clapped and cheered for us. Afterward, we hadn’t yet put the balance board away and she climbed on and pretended to exercise too.  

By the by, I was thinking about my posts on how unhealthy I eat and I felt I wanted to make it clear that my baby DOES NOT eat that way too. She gets junk occasionally but on the whole she eats very healthy. If I’m making a particularly unhealthy meal one night (maybe something deep fried) she will get a plate of veggies or some organic baby food. For the most part it’s just me who isn’t eating right. Bryan takes a salad and a bag of raw veggies to work every single day in his lunch (along with leftovers or a pizza pop or something). Just thought I’d clear that up because it was nagging at my mind today.

I’m really hoping that I will sleep well tonight. I don’t sleep too great, and today was especially rough. Ginny and I had fun, but when she napped, I crashed too for several hours. And as I predicted, it was not refreshing. But when you can’t keep your eyes open what are you going to do?

Here’s to tomorrow being a more energetic day! Perhaps I may even sneak in some more Wii Fit. I’m down several pounds already this year which is AWESOME. Makes me feel really good. I can’t wait to really see the results.

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My hope is that I will be more motivated this year. Not in any specific area, but in general. Since having Ginny I’ve had to get off my butt and get things happening, and that has been great for me, but I want to get even better. To begin doing so, this month I’ve littered my calendar with sticky notes. I have a note on each day with the supper written on it. I have a note of a different colour to mark our date night. On each day I’m also beginning to write down what chore should specifically be done on that day for each week. Instead of planning ahead with the chores, I’m seeing what I can do each day and then writing it down (and checking it off) afterwards. I feel that this will work for me. I’m also keeping track of my time of the month on the calendar for the first time ever, because I’m an idiot and I never remember when my last one was. (Although for realsies I DO remember my most recent one because it lasted 20 freaking days…thanks, gallbladder)

I want to be organized in as many aspects of my life as possible. I have been seriously on top of the dishes for the first time in my life, doing several sinks a day, and it’s been good! Bryan only has to be in charge of supper dishes now and I try to wash as I cook to make it a lighter load because he can be a Forgetful Freddie about it. I clean the living room every single night, picking up the insane amount of toys our daughter has amassed in her short lifetime. It doesn’t make sense to be keeping them all in her bedroom yet as I don’t want her playing in there unsupervised all the time, and unless I’m actually down on the floor playing with her, I don’t care to hang out in there. It’s not a bad room, it’s just a depressing room because I had to take all the decor down to prepare for the bedbug sprayings in November.

Anyways. So far, Sunday nights are for the kitchen and dining room floors. I sweep nearly every day (or every other day, or sometimes twice a day), but I don’t wetjet nearly as often as I should, especially lately. But last night I did, so from now on the kitchen will get the love it needs floorically speaking. Today, I tackled all the kitchen surfaces (though it has just dawned on me that I forgot the table). I do typically wipe down the counters after I do the dishes each day, but today I got out the disinfectant spray and did a good hard clean.

A clean home feels so good. It feels so relaxing to wake up in the morning and not be faced with toys strewn everywhere, and a pile of dirty dishes taking over the kitchen. Considering I was once a hoarder, I think I’m doing just fine.

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Happy New Year!

Of course I’m making the obligatory Resolutions post. I think I’m making some good ones this year; realistic and attainable ones. Here are my 2014 Resolutions:

1. Have a scheduled date night once a month. Bryan and I are actually really good at getting time to ourselves, and twice in the past couple weeks we’ve been out to the movies spontaneously (helps when his parents can usually watch Ginny at the drop of a hat). Our dates however, are rarely really…datey. If you know what I mean. This year will start with a date completely planned by Bryan. Something special just for us. It will probably include dinner at Earl’s because we won some gift cards for the restaurant, but that’s definitely not a place we eat at regularly so I’m excited. I have no idea what kind of dates we’ll go on, as we’re not terribly creative, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Only have to come up with 12!

2. Lose 30lbs. That’s quite a bit of weight, and I actually don’t believe I’ll make it to that goal, but if I do then WOW GO ME! I just don’t want to make a low goal and then hit it and kinda just give up. Purchasing the Wii U and the fit counter for the Fit is going to help a lot. Bryan has the counter going already and his goal is to make it to the top of Everest at some point which I think is awesome. Since regularly using this new Fit thing, he’s lost weight and we’ve only had it for a couple weeks. I’m excited at the prospects ahead of us, weight and health wise. I plan to not only work out a bit, but cook healthier which I’ve been on my way to doing already.

3. Move! We desperately need to move. Our apartment is dreadful and it’s time to move on to better things. If we are to be stuck here for a second year, I’m not sure what I’ll do. It will be difficult for sure.

4. Get better about that one REALLY important thing. I won’t go into details as it’s EXTREMELY personal and as such is something I would only speak about in person to close friends. However let us say that it is an area of my life that needs huge improvement, and if the improvement can be made then my marriage will benefit and my health and well being. This Really Important Thing is a constant issue and has been for the past two years and I must make things better.

5. Engage Ginny better. She’s getting older now and a little easier to play with and teach things to, but I’m terrible at coming up with activities to really capture her attention. As she gets older it will be easier, but I still want to come up with crazy fun things to do with her.

That’s it for my list for now. I may think of more things (in fact I’m positive I’ve forgotten an important one) and add later in a future post.

I wish any person reading this the happiest of new years. I pray that if it’s a fresh start you need, that it will be a fresh start that you get.


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