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166 – Zero Tolerance

There are not a lot of things in the world that I have ZERO tolerance for. Yeah, things can be really annoying (like…really), but I can move on or ignore or whatever. But there is definitely a small handful of things that really make me MAD and today I want to talk about one that is right near the top of the list.



It makes me so mad. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM!!! There are signs!!! The glares from the other patrons could also be a huge clue!!

I see people all the time with a huge shopping cart next to their table, blocking the aisle with LITERALLY JUST A JACKET INSIDE. A JACKET!!!


I don’t get this at all.

And so I will continue to glare. And complain on the internet. I was gonna complain on facebook but didn’t want a debate. There is no debate. There is only ENDLESS FRUSTRATION.

Ok. Ok. Breathe. Sorry. I was at a Walmart McD’s yesterday and saw a woman with a cart that had a jacket and ONE BAG in it and I lost my chill a bit and just…needed to rant a bit.

What kind of things do you have zero tolerance for?

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Forty Eight

Pet Peeves:

People who are consistently late.
Myself being late.
Poor spelling when a person has access to spellcheck.
People who park like morons.
People who close doors loudly.
Not putting the dishes back to where their normal homes are.
Forgetting my detailed shopping list at home when I finally get out to the store.
Stepping in puddles that are deeper than they seemed.
People who don’t understand that I’m scared of dogs, regardless of how kind or small or friendly they are.
Certain terms of endearment, particularly when people call me ‘love’.
Certain small children who refuse to nap (though this one is EASILY forgivable because certain small children are cute).
Kids/teenagers who disrespect teachers/leaders.
Adults who disrespect other adults.
Fanfictions that have great plot summaries but terrible writing.

In conclusion: I’m feeling peeved today. Thankfully, to cheer myself up, I am about to put a roast beef in the oven and then watch Parks and Rec and eat macaroni and cheese.

In other news: Ginny wore big girl underwear for a total of 5 minutes today before she piddled on the carpet. Well…it was worth a shot. Potty training is going to be a nightmare, I am sure of it.